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Happy new week, lovely!

I need to share with you this insight and goodness👇🏼

💿 🎶 My favorite musician in the entire world, released a new album a couple years ago. Of course, I obsessed over it at the time.

Yet, even thou listening to all her songs and lyrics on repeat, I ended up “missing” some of its meanings.

👂🏼Because we hear what we need to hear, when we need to hear, right?

{in this case literally!}

Now lemme tell you , re-listening to her entire album this week it feels like I am listening to it for the first time. As if she had *just* released it right now.

The meaning of things that I didn’t “hear” before!

And that is such a common that happen.

👉🏼 We revisit something {a song, a tv show, a workshop, a course, a book, etc} and they just hit different this time around.

We have new understandings and insights from each round we go through.

🛎This time one of her songs lyrics, rang all the bells that I didn’t know needed to be rang.🛎

It shifted me in an instant and reminded me how:

👉🏼 When we feel stuck or really hung up on a certain situation {how it was “supposed” to be}, we can get so caught up in it that we forget that…

💎 There are so many options and possibilities out there.

We forget that we can choose and move through, back and forth, on those different options.

🚪We all heard the saying “one door closes, another opens”.

And we can go further:

One closes, 3 more opens


One closes, another opens, the closed one opens again, but we don’t want that one anymore and then 2 more after that open too


wherever combination we want to make of them

Because there are always more doors.

🚫 There are never “missed chances” or “one in a lifetime opportunity”.

The next one is always coming along, right after the “missed” on.

Because other doors are already there. We just need to be willing to see them. And then walk through them. And leave them if we feel like it. And check the door next door if we want to. And come back to the other one. And keep exploring.

We all know that! Options and solutions are always there.

But sometimes we forget.

“Ok Raine, that’s cute but did all that ‘remembering’ came from that one song?”

Yes, it did!

That is literally what the song is about!🔥 {and even thou I heard it on repeat first time years ago, it *just* really sink in 🙃}

😃 👉🏼 Now you neeeeeeed to hear/read this juicy song that talks all about it! I’ll translate it for you:
{Portuguese speakers don’t come at me! I’m doing my best 😆}


Nesse corredor, portas ao redor
{In this hallway, there are doors around}

Querem escolher, olha só
{People want to choose, look at this}

Uma porta só, uma porta certa
{Just one door, one right door}

Uma porta só, tentam decidir a melhor
{Just one door, they try to decide the best one}

Qual é a melhor?
{which one is the best?}

Não importa qual, não é tudo igual
{It doesn’t matter which one, they aren’t the same}

Mas todas dão em algum lugar
{But all them take us somewhere}

E não tem que ser uma única
{And it doesn’t have to be a single one}

Todas servem pra sair ou para entrar
{All them are there to enter or to exit}

É melhor abrir para ventilar
{It is better to open to get some air}

Esse corredor
{in this hallway}


✨How beautiful is the last sentences?

“It is better to open to get some air
in this hallway”

🍃It literally feels like fresh new air enter our lives when *we* decide to unclench the jaw, soften the shoulders, shake off the head and the neck to release, to consider looking at other possibilities and even {gasp!} let go of the old one that got us stuck in the first place.

💞 There’s no way to not adore life when we feel that way 🤩
So many possibilities! Regardless of where we are at in the moment — always another door.

Let’s open up to get some fresh air in our “hallways”, shall we? {“hallways” as in ourselves, our lives, if I hadn’t made it too obvious yet 😉}

✨And right below is the video if want to listen to the actual song in its full beauty: {I highly recommend! The melody itself is gorgeous! Soft and sweet🎶}


Now, pumpkin, tell me something….

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