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🍃⭐️Release the old, welcome the new

✨A new month needs a BRAND NEW Digital downloadable, don'tcha think? 😉 It is always a great time to start fresh and become anew and with this packet you can carry this reminder anywhere you go 🎀

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🤨⚠️When you feel stuck and don’t know what to do

Feeling stuck... that annoying feeling that comes through once in a while and sometimes right when we thought we were moving forward full speed. On this post I'm talking about an easy and VERY underrated way to unstuck and get back in your flow✨ 🍃

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🦎✨When we peel off old layers

Those moments we are going through "things" and shedding old layers... it is so important to notice and acknowledge them. Inspired by a special visitor I had over the weekend 😉🦎

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New Moon Manifestation Printable

Manifestation can sometimes sound so magical and "out there", isn't it? Yet it is way more concrete and inward than people realize. On today's post I have for you a brand *new* printable and video to give you more deets about the process.

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