✨How will this month go about for you?✨

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how do you want to feel this month | LimeTreeFruits.comHappy new month, my love!

It just so happens to be my fave month of the year AND my B-day Month!

Coincidence? 😁

Even thou my gemini bubbly self wants to keep going on and on about MY sweet + joyful Bday month {hehe}, let’s talk about YOU:

What do you foresee happening this month? What do you *want* to happen this month?

More importantly, wherever comes up for you in this sweet June….

How do you want to fell throughout the month?

THIS is crucial because establishing those feelings within us - daily - will get us the results we want.


Welp, we act based on how we feel inside.

Picture this — let’s say a great idea or biz marketing move just came through in our minds. If we doubt ourselves, we retract and “think about it some more, just to make sure”. If we, on the other hand, are feeling confident about ourselves and our biz moves, we act on it.

✨ Action creates motion, motion unstucks energy and energy that unstucks frees the way for {or brings about} different outcomes.

And how juicy is getting an outcome from just FEELING a specific feeling inside of us?!

Set those feelings intentionally, love!

1. Clarity:

Grab your notes app, your fave pen + journal or anything that helps you get clarity and list out all the ways you want to FEEL this month.

2. Come back to it:

Leave that list visible and handy. {Maybe even use as the lock screen on your phone!}

3. Act on it #1:

Check in on the list as you go about your day.

4. Act on it #2:

Are you in tune with those feelings? Wherever thing you are doing on that moment, does it help bring more of those feelings or does it push them away?

5.Act on it #3:

Adjust as needed.


So freaking excited for this new month!!!

Cheering you on from over here, love! 🎉
{Special cheer to myself and all my fellow Geminis as well! 😁}






Many Smooches,




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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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