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Happy new week love! :))

Lately I am on a roll!

Reading inspiring books always get me extra-excited and I found something I wanted to share. I even illustrated it! :)))

It is called “How To Save The World”.

Seriously, go ahead and read it all. Makes SO much sense!

You simply cannot give to the world all that you have to give to the world if you do not remain true to your own “selfish” desires. You have a unique set of precious values that can only be fulfilled by pursuing what drives you the most: your passions and dreams. Could Thomas Edison have tendered to the downtrodden as Mother Teresa did? Could Albert Einstein have preached salvation as Martin Luther King Jr. did? Could Abraham Lincoln have built cars like Henry Ford? Always, the masses benefit from the individuals who insist on marching to the beat of their own drummer. After all, if you don’t follow your desires, then whose? Your dreams and desires are of supreme importance, and they’re yours for a reason – gifts from your higher self to remind you of what is possible. Don’t ignore them, hedge them, or fear them. And never, ever compromise them. Selfish? Well, if you don’t safeguard your own happiness, you’ll never be able to help others find theirs.

~ Mike Dooley

Juicy or what? 🙂 And I made it into a printable!

Print it, pin it to your board, your fridge, everywhere! It will come very handy when you are doubting yourself and the importance of your gifts, you know? ✨

{The image below looks horribly pixelated but once you click on it you’ll get the high res version of it ???✨}

How to save the World thumbnail


Click riiiight here to save it to your computer or the pic above.

I already pinned it to my wall to look at it every morning before start working. Teehee :))

Many Smooches and see ya again soon!