Get Moving + Show up!

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Sooooo puddin’, I have been having an awesome time talking and teaching about Blogging for Business at the Bloggers Round Table and two “stucknesses” keep showing up with the students over there.

As those two things are soooooo consistently persistent I have no doubt many of you have that same concern as well. So I decided to give you a quick and sweet kick in the butt to remind that….


1. You need to take action!

Yes, I get it, you are not sure…. you want to start a blog but not sure how to narrow down your topics. You have tons of biz ideas but you keep second guessing yourself. You SO want to make changes in your life but feel overwhelmed trying to find the starting point.

I get all that. The mind racing and rationalizing everything.

But tell me, what do you do with all that jazz in your head?
You plan, you think, you analyze and you plan some more.
The result? You don’t really get any clearer than you were before so than you think again, analyze a bit more, plan “better” and …….. the cycle already started, isn’t it? And still no progress. *sigh*

That step forward? Not there yet, huh?

I have flashing news for you my love. News that are so new that hurts! 😀
And it will fix it all.

Ready for it?

Here goes…..

Just please, please, please get off the over-thinking and overanalyzing mode + MOVE! 
  • That blog you want to start but can’t pick a topic? Just for today, my love, just for today, pick wherever you want, pick one, write something about it and hit “publish”!  
  • Those biz ideas floating in your head that you just find excuses to say they won’t work? Just for today pretend ALL your ideas are awesome and have a for-sure bright future. Pick one, ignore the excuses and make a {baby} first move! Even if it is just to check if the domain name is available. Do that. Or something else. Anything.

Now…… why am I telling you to be a mad bull charging and running wildly and determined to a random direction? Because my dear, seriously….

…being inside your head won’t bring you closer to your dreams.

Making a move, even a random one, will give you more understanding of where you are right now, where you are going and how to get there.

In other {concise} words, my dear mentor Marie Forleo says it all:



Got it, got it, got it?


Now, let’s move on to the second point that always shows up in conversations during the Blogging Coaching sessions.

Once peeps “get it” that they need to make a move regardless of the direction, then comes the famous…. FEAR OF BEING SEEN!

What do I say for that?

2. Show up anyway!

Yes, plain, raw and “cruel” like that.

We ALL have fears of being seen and been misjudged {or even correctly judged and unplease the crowd}.

It doesn’t matter where we are in our journeys we all experience fear of being seen.

The difference between the dude further along the path?

They fear and they do it anyways.

They know they have to show up. 

Moving, doing, taking action, showing up will make you vulnerable yet bring you closer to where you want to be. 

And as those things goes, while thinking about all that last week a lovely quote from a Brazilian musician popped up in my Facebook feed and it SO reflects that exact issue.

Here goes the translation for ya followed by the graphic itself {in portuguese! 😀 }:

“You are alive
This is your spectacle
Just the ones that show up
Find themselves
As much as
They get lost along the way.”

by Cazuza



So my love, let’s start this new Month and new Week full on force committing to our dreams.

Taking action + showing up.

Shall we? 🙂

See ya out there in the field!


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