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It’s the weeeekend, Love! 😀

Hope it has been off to a great start already! ✨

Sooooo…… being on top of tasks…

All you need to do is sit by a pool, go through your list and it will be magically done 😀

HA! Welp, bummer…. big fat no.

The other day I was remembering my early planner days.

The days when all was new and all was a real possibility to put my life in order just like that.

At night while laying down in bed trying to sleep, I’d be staring at the ceiling thinking about this one layout I saw on that youtube video. Then the other one from a blog post would come to mind. Then I’d have the genius idea of combining them both thinking that “fohshure, this will solve all my planning issues”.
And then I’d roll to the side pet one of my planners in the nightstand {I know, weirdo! 😀 } and then remember this one other layout from this one blogger and then…. well, you got the picture. I’d spend quite a long time in the quiet of the night turning and tossing imagining all the possibilities, feeling a huge FOMO, thinking that someone out there had the “holy grail” solution for my planning issues. Thinking that someone out there was using THE layout I needed to know about to be on top of my tasks.

Talk about anxiety around planning! 😀

That memory from back in the days combined with a comment I read in a post this week prompted me to this post today.

In said comment, the person mentioned they “knew” all they had to do to stay organized and on top of everything was to be more “rigid” with themselves, to be more “structured” – “tougher” that is.

I’m here to tell you love, this is a sure fire way to set yourself up for failure. You might stick with said “rigidity” and feel accomplished for a while yet in a few months or weeks it will all crumble, just like those restrictive diets that gets us thinner but does not help us stay that way. Long term results are inexistent. It all comes back after a few months “off” the regimen.

My back-in-the-days self really believed that SOMEONE ELSE’S planning system would perfectly organize her life and fix all her planning struggles. She truly believed she just needed to dig in MORE in the internet world to find it.

My back-in-the-days self also believed she was a slacker and a “softy” and that she had to “toughen” up, be more rigid and structured as well, otherwise nothing will ever get done.


✨The solution never lies in someone else’s hands nor in going against what is natural to us.

Overtime I learned to use MY strengths and MY flow to get things done. And that my love, was the Holy Grail I was waiting for that completely changed the way I organized my days and the way I got on top of my tasks!

No pain involved, no beating up of the self, no judging or restricting myself.

This is what I wish everyone would know about staying on top of their tasks.

It has nothing to do with following someone else’s system but finding our own – letting our own strengths and flow guide us into that system. That one system of ours that has no way to fail…. because it functions based on what works for us!

✨The whole process of bringing out this planning goodness from within is what we are doing in the Get Planned Course✨

Week 2 is about to drop and in it we are talking about lots of things {really LOTS! 😀 } and in special addressing that little situation when we get stuck in a to-do item in our list and just don’t seem to push through it.

Oh, and regarding my ability to explain to you all those concepts? Welp, don’t take my word on it! Take theirs:



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Talk to you in the inside :))