🎨 Art **IS** Political 🗳️


Ok loves, I have a few reminders for you today.


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Now….. let’s move on to the next reminder.

It came about on that day I saw this artist page on Facebook getting all the hate and the “I-follow-your-page-to-escape-politics!” kind of comments.

I was APPALED!!!!

This reminder is *extremely*  needed as apparently there’s still confusion about it.

Ready for it?

Here goes:


Art *IS* about politics


Art is by the artist, for the artist.

Art is ✨self-expression✨

Art is NOT about you or about me. It is about the artist putting out there what goes within.


When *I* make art, the art is about me. When *you* make art, the art is about you. That’s it! That’s the length of influence we have on someone’s art/self-expression – NONE!


👉🏼 What do we all think inspiration is?


A thought, idea, perspective, that comes through and the artist just *needs* to write / paint / draw / dance / play about it, until all is out into the world.


Now, the more you get to know the work of an artist, the more you get to know them, their views {political included}, feelings and thoughts. Will you find out stuff that you don’t like? Maybe. And if you do, it is on you to focus your energy elsewhere if it bothers you that much.


It is *not* up to you, the spectator, to determine what is allowed in someone’s art or not.

Art is by the artist, for the artist.


Ok, written rant is over.


But I extended the topic into a video. If you have any doubts about it love, any “misunderstandings” about why on Earth people don’t separate politics from art, hit play.

This is necessary to understand:



Many artful passionate smooches,



PS – Vote!


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