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Happy new week, pudding!

How was that weekend of yours?

EXCITED to bring to you this month’s….



Didja get my announcement last month about the FREE Wallpaper packet coming back – monthly?

This time with a twist!


Every month the packet is released, you have….

👉🏼  3 days to get it for ✨free!✨

Sooooo eyes glued to that notification to make sure you don’t miss the window!

After the three days, the wallpaper packet self-implodes!


After the three days love, it goes straight for sale on the shop!

The one from last month? It is sitting really pretty over there!

Look at this juiciness 🤩



You can now purchase each one of them individually {phone, tablet, laptop, A5, personal or wall art} OR by grabbing the entire package all at once, you get one wallpaper free! 🔥

BUT remember…. when the packet is first out, THE ENTIRE PACKET IS TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FREE! Just make sure you don’t miss that 3-day window.  Sign up to be notified and receive it in your inbox!  💌

And if you still miss the window, head over to the shop and all will be there waiting for ya 😉

Now let’s move on to the new one fresh out of the oven today, ya?


It is delicious, nature-filled, sweet, warm and welcoming.

You see love, I’m totally in love with this ‘lil place I found, quaint and cute to the max, with trees and loud squirrels all over the place.

Cinnamon is having a blast too, getting to know those “wild” neighbors out there. {She’s a skyrise apartment kind of girl. Not used to that 😏}

And so of course, inspiration hit hard and I needed to illustrate it.


Off I went, phone in hand snapping that perfect shot:


How cute is it? 😍 Answer: Extremely! 🎀


And from phone to paper:



And then….. I completely forgot to take pics of the layers and stages. So….. the almost final product look it is! 😁



Extremely faithful to the original colors, as you know me. Purple top, pink and black frame with blue door felt just right 💎



Now combining this juiciness of an entrance with the very needed warmth, acceptance and belonging that people need in this world, here you have it love, our delicious wallpaper packet for the month:

Truly necessary!

✨A place / home where all feel welcomed, belonging and loved.✨

May we create that from within and out. 💖



And here, all packed up and ready for you to carry the message around 😍


Grab each one of them riiiiight below:

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Remember, love — 3 days only to get them free! After that to the shop they move. 🛍

One last pic of this juiciness of an entrance because I just can’t! 🤩


Have a wonderful rest of the month!

Many  Smooches,




PS – Cinnamon also wanted one last word with you before you take off 😻