✨🙏🏼Are you actually ready to receive all that you’ve been asking for?


Hello lovelies,

The other day, during my morning musing sections {it’s a real thing that happens very often! 😀 } I was thinking about….

Asking for something, expecting it to come and yet…… nothing.

And you know why that happens?

Because we are not READY for it!

But NOT in the sense of it’s not the right time yet, like – “hang in there, be patient, it’s coming!”

Nope, it is not a matter of waiting “a little longer”.

Nope, nope.


It’s not a test to see if you can be quietly waiting for a while to THEN receive!


The truth is….

It is NOT coming and it will continue to NOT come unless we are intentionally READY for it – opening up space and all!

This video I recorded during my morning-musings section, explains it all in details.



Talk to you again soon!







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