🇮🇹Italy baby, Italy! 🍷🍝 Plus…. ✨THE BLOG IS BACK!✨

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People!!!! I can hardly believe!
This is really happening!!!! ✨

Do you remember that once upon a time there was a LimeTreeFruits blog, sending out weekly updates on juicy artsy inspiring things?

No? Yeah, me neither! 😁

It all happened such a long time ago in a parallel lifetime so so far away that I can barely recall it too!

And now…. {drum roll, please}…. after MONTHS of  ‘almost there…. so close…. so close ‘ moments, I am SO excited to say that…

LimeTreeFruits blog is finally back, updated and up and running!

And what do I mean by updated exactly?

Welp….. mobile view was never the forte of this ‘lil corner of the webs. Although readable it was wonky, weird and not yummy to look at at all! So not representing LimeTreeFruits concept at all!

However, as it's better late {REALLY late} than never, today my love, it f-i-n-a-l-l-y doesn't hurt your eyes to look at this darling blog from other gadgets besides desktops and laptops. 🖥️📱

Truth be told thou…… I’ve been SO EAGER to get this out, to lift the veil and start blogging again that I’m totally and completely not waiting for every corner of the site to be ready 🤓 The blog is the only functioning area for now. Everything else is being adjusted and polished up. Click around and ya see ;))

Now, why not just wait for the whole thing to be ready before opening it up for visitors again?

Have I no manners as to not organize and polish up my {online} home before receiving people? What’s up with that?

Welp…. ya see sweets, a few weeks ago I did a ‘lil trip to Italy. Yes, I-T-A-L-Y!

That’s Florence, right behind me 🏰⛲️😍✨

So, excitement overload took place  and I was crrrraving sharing my experiences while traveling – the stories, the funny happenings, the interesting people I met, all that good stuff.

That’s when a blog comes handy, isn’t it? So you can record everything and put it out there for anyone interested in following along.  Yeah…. but I didn’t have that option this time.

What’s a girl to do in that situation? 💁🏻‍♀️

Go to Instagram and use it as a blog!

Nope…. didn’t work well… I shared a few stories, I took advantage of the nifty feature of posting more than one image at once but really…. thumb-typing long texts was a struggle PLUS at the end of it all have IG not accepting all my writing because…. well, those are supposed to be just captions 🙄 was super-frustating.

✨Blog I must, then!👩🏻‍💻

I SO wanted to share my stories in Italy as they were happening and even thou I couldn’t, that trip REALLY fired me up to bring back LimeTreeFruits. If not the entire site, at least the blog part. :))

Not that I wasn’t working towards bringing the blog back before. I was sweets, I was – believe me!

More often than not I’d day-dream about the days where, once again, I’d be able to express myself through writing and my experiences here at LimeTreeFruits.

I used to have so-much-fun back in the days and I was missing it dearly. 💝
The change of pace, the fact I was out of my routine in a completely new country, experiencing, seeing, sensing SO MUCH NEW was the tipping point realizing that…

✨I need to get it all out!✨

And just like when we are renovating our home we don’t wait for all rooms to be perfectly redone before having guest coming over, ya? We open up our homes to celebrate the change, or the move, the transformation and all the good things coming up ahead.

So here we are , sweets! This darling online home of mine has ONE room to gather around at the moment and it’s the “party room”! 🎊 Where all the fun food, drinks and chatter happen pre, during and post event! 🎊🎉💃🏻✨ EXCITED!! 🤩

I have SO MUCH to share, talk about and illustrate that it is a relief to know this darling and loyal corner of the web is back to support me on that :))

Did I tell you I need to share things with you? That I have lots to say? Did I mention that already? 😎

Ok I’m done with the silly jokes, promise! Today was just a not-so-short {per usual!} “hey, I’m back” kind of note.

SO excited to be here again!

Now, big disclaimer and side note here :: I was all brave and courageous believing I’d be able to review and update all my past posts before bring the site back.  I thought I had like 40-50 posts up since I have been blogging for prob around 3 years, ya? Welp…that’s when I realized…… it has been SIX years since the first time I hit “publish” on my first post here and from then on I managed to write 230+ posts! 😳 So yeah….. I was a *tad* off on those numbers and updating each and every one of the posts won’t happen. However, the most pressing ones will get some clean up for sure! So if you scroll through the archives and find something wonky, hang in there sweets. I’ll get to it! :))

Talk to you again very soon! ✨

Many Smooches,


Hello! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


  1. Anij

    HOORAY! I missed your emails. And Italy, too! I’ll have to go back one day.

    • Raine

      YAY!! I missed writing those too! And Italy… o.m.g. need to get back there asap ?


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