🧐 You are being tested…. NOT! 😎

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Good morning sunshine!!!!!


🗞 I got some breaking news for you today!
{that was sarcasm 😎}


What I mean is I have some good ‘ol fashion news…. with a twist.

Here is the thing:

We really need to let go of some old perceived ways of how this magical world works.


We are not being punished, being taught lessons, or being tested by the Universe/Source {or whichever name you choose}


Shake all that off!



Yesterday I saw this post on the ‘socials’ that said:

“The universe is never testing you, it’s simply giving you the opportunity to practice all that you say you are”

I whole heartedly agree with the first part —- there’s no test, there’s no trial. The universe is NEVER testing us.

The second part thou, I don’t agree that much {or at all to be honest} —- the universe is not having us practice anything. It is simply….

Reflecting who we are right now.

And by that I mean ALL that we are right now, including the parts we refuse to see/acknowledge, like the fears and doubts we still have.

Which is why when we decide to change, things happen that *could* potentially draw us back to our usual self. And then we say “the universe is testing me to see if I reeeeeaaaally want this thing.”

No, the universe is reflecting feelings, beliefs and ideas you still have inside of you. Because of course you do! Changing who you have been for the last few years, OF COURSE self-doubt, old patterns, old beliefs about who you are, will all creep in!

Changing, feeling and being comfortable with a new identity is a process.

So take the “testing” as a mirror.

As a way to pinpoint what you need to clear to fully BE this different version of you that you are becoming.


✨The Universe is a huge beautiful mirror telling us who we are showing up as today, who we are believing to be and what we believe we can have.


Mirror, mirror…. 💖

How magical is this life we are in?😍

We truly had the power all along….

Many powerful smooches to you,





Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨



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