Who me? Subscribed to the Struggle?

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Who me? Subscribed to the struggle? | LimeTreeFruits.com

Let’s be real for a moment here, peaches….

Are you loving the extra hardness and wearing the martyr badge with pride?

Being proud of being able to take on the hardest and harshest thing ever will *not* make things easier for you, love!

Not now, not never.

There is no “lets-be-easy-on-her-because-she-had-enough”.


The more we allow space for wherever that is – ease or struggle – that thing WILL use up space.


Allow space for struggle, there it will be! 
Allow space for ease, there it goes filling it all up too.

If you are proud of being able to “handle” more than others, more will always be tossed on your lap.

Be that in a day-to-day approach, like at work {you know that scenario of being the jack of all trades that people just KNOW you will get things done so they let things be on you? And then you take it on proudly because you can but a tad resentful because it’s always on you? Yeah those scenarios.}

Or be that in a bigger picture approach {like life tossing at you more things than you want to deal with but you secretly being proud and resentful at the same time that you are one of those that take on martyr badge and wear it with pride.🥉}

✨Reminder of the day, love :

Having space for the struggle will only keep creating more struggles.
Having a definite {energetic} boundary on what you are willing to take on is necessary to break that cycle.

Do it >> Set that inner + energetic boundary. Everything around you will respond to that.

You are so worthy!







Hello! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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