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OK my darling, the survey I ran a few weeks ago has been JUICY! {I know, I keep talking about it. It has been THAT enlightening πŸ™‚ }

I’ve been taking notes and notes, scribbling, having fun with it and I’m going to be sending you bite size info to solve some of the most common planner concerns in the upcoming posts.

For today let’s start with a very very common one.

That one when we are all doing well and organized, being on fire for weeks and then….. all of a sudden….. things fall apart.

There are many many reasons for that, and one of them?

You ran out of your fave amazingly practical planner pages!

THAT amazing planner packet you bought pre-printed and/or printed yourself at home is all gone and there’s no way to keep the system rolling!

and they worked sooooo well for your lifestyle, took you soooo long to fine tune them….

PLUS you were about to change planner sizes!

Now you find yourself scribbling notes in little papers here and there, post-its everywhere, random sheets flying over your head.

The c-h-a-o-s!


No, my sweet planner lover, no. There’s no need to fall apart. Really!

The solution?


I know, I know, who’d have thought of that! πŸ˜€

A few Qs to consider:

  • What were the features you love about those pages?
  • How did it help you be on top of your tasks?

Answer those questions and then go to your paper stash and find something that you can adapt.

For instance, I have been using one of my fave creations. This weekly view one:



The thing is I’m ITCHING to use a personal size one for a long time.

Soooo when I was about to start printing those same planner pages above to fit personal size….. I ran out of ink!

Did I post-pone the move into a new planner until I had the “perfect pages”?


I improvised.

Ordered the missing cartridge right away and off I went to set up my new binder with the current working planner system I have.

Meaning, found an old two weeks view that I hadn’t used {reads, past years!} and on I went to make it happen for at least two more weeks until the cartridge is here:



See what I did there?

Covered dates with stickers, rewrote the days for those weeks and ta-da!


Yup. 4 years old planner pages did the trick.


Not as pretty as the one I was using, BUT it’ll keep me functional until I print my new pages AND it allows me to smoothly transition into a new planner size while test-driving it.

Couldn’t be easier, ya? πŸ˜€

And it’s fun! I get to experiment some more with a “draft” pages.

Now, sweets, I want to hear from you!

When was a time that you had to improvise to keep your system rolling? And did you create out of it?

I’m all “ears” reading your comments πŸ™‚

Many Smooches,

Raine Signature




Psst…. extra brownie-points if you can tell me which on is the new personal planner I’m transitioning into?

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