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Hello, hello!

Here I am again, bubbly in excitement to share with you a new creation.

Ready? ๐Ÿ˜€

I present you….

A hand-painted weekly/daily insert!

The weekly and daily pages are designed to work together so this is NOT a straight-forward “download-print-whole-punch-and-I-am-good-to-go” kind of thing.

It requires a bit {just a bit!} of set-up.

I was supposed to do a video to explain that.
I got so excited showing how it works that I totally forgot to explain how to set it up :-p and just realized itย after the video was all pretty and done on YouTube.
Anyway, the instructions are typed in below the video, with pictures.


Just needs to be done to get it working right.

So, ready for the video presentation? ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s do it then! {links to download and instructions right below the video}


the very easy instructions:

So, once you download the week pack, whole punch and put in your binder, the very first page will look like this:


The last one like this:


The middle ones (dailies) will look like this:

All you need to do is to separate the outside pages (goals and debrief) from the inside ones (dailies).
Grab only the middle ones, like this:

You will see a dotted black line right on top of the menu sheet:

Then…..Cut right there thru the dotted line!

I used scissors on my first tries but sure thing an Exacto knife will do a much better and accurate job!




You will end up with this:

The top frames are now separate from the rest.
You can use it as jot paper in your binder although as they are held by only two rings, they get very loose and messy. I use them as {cute} scrap paper.

Wherever you decide to do (keep or toss them), take them all out of the rings otherwise it won’t work!

And then, taaa-daaaaa:

You will now have your week and daily sheets all together and visible like this:


This printable is available for purchase on my shop.

Click right here to get it in Personal or A5 Size.

Any questions let me know in the comments.
Have loads of fun peeps!


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