🤔Think you can’t commit to your goals?🎯

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Happy Friday, love!

So last week we talked about the power of DECIDING when we want to accomplish our goals

Today I want to show you how much easier it is to get to that commitment mindset and how you do this left and right without even noticing it!

And for that…..

I’m calling in all my Unicorn powers! ✨🦄


Yes, that is moi! 🙋🏻‍♀️Ready for the Halloween PAR-TAY! 🎃👻

So what does my unicorn self have to do with deciding something and making it an example of everyday living?

Welp, I’ll get to it.

First a ‘lil anecdote



Ya see love… I have never evah in my life put on fake eye lashes!

I know! The horror! 😱

Yet, I was determined that my Halloween outfit would need to have the whole shebang – fake eye flapping system included.

I bought FIVE sets of lashes thinking to myself “I won’t need all those… but just in case”

Welp, ‘just in case’ became my “eyelashes deadline” per se.

Here’s how it all went down:

I struggled to PULL the first set out of the box. I pulled them too hard thinking they weren’t bendable and ruined the first pair before even getting them out of the box. 😒
Then another try and the lashes were out of the box yet I struggled to GRAB the darn things with the tweezers. Squeezed one too much, it bended again and the other I squeezed too little, it fell INTO THE DRAIN 😩 and so the second pair was grossly ruined.
✨ On the third pair I managed to {*ahem* gently} pull them out of the box and put on the left side ALMOST p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y {“I’ll adjust this in a sec” I thought to myself} and then the right side was completely tilted and weird. Pulling it off and putting it back on multiple times trying to adjust it, I got the clue to lump on my eye lid somehow. Which messed up the make up of that one eye only. So I fixed that.
On with the next set and those ones? Oh!!!! Both of them are ON!! And yet….. looking quite weird…. as if not the right size or something. “Are there sizes for eye lashes depending on the eye ball size?” 😂 Serious thought I was thinking to myself! … and then looking at the next box set sitting on the counter I realized…. there are actually different shapes for the left and the right eye! I put the right lashes on the left eye and the left lashes on the right eye 🤦🏻‍♀️👁 *sigh* that explains everything! That wrong “size” feels I was getting. 🙄
So I pealed off both and on to the next set I went.

That’s when I noticed…. {if  you are keeping tabs of the sets you noticed it too!}, I was about to get on with my last eye lashes set.

And then my love, is when that subtle yet powerful hint of *decision* came through…

I realized that was my last chance to get those darn things on if I wanted to feel extra splashy in my costume.

So I relaxed a bit {seriously, I love that lately my first reaction to pressure is to actually relax and focus and not tense up and go in circles}, then I did a mental recap of what went RIGHT with the other attempts ::

“pull gently from the box, put them side by side to figure out which side is which, don’t use tweezers, your fingers will do, let it “sit” on top of your lashes and adjust from there, don’t try to put it in the right spot right away. Got it!”


And on I went with my last set.


I knew I’d get it right this time.


Because going out without the extra fluff was not an option.


And then as you might imagine… voilá


✨Lashes done!✨










Such a proud moment! 😀


💧*tear shed*


Now back to the topic at hand….


What can we observe and learn about ourselves from everyday processes like this one?

{Welp,  fine… 😈  it is not everyday that we struggle with putting eyelashes on for the first time, but apply this concept to anything that you want to do and easily or not you end up accomplishing it.}


1. we can and we do easily decide to accomplish goals in life all the time!

Small or Big  is not that hard, it is not that complicated and we can commit with accomplishing things like that, in a blink of an eye {see gif again 😃}. Be that a {perceived} tiny goal like putting eye lashes on or a {perceived} huge goal like a career change for instance, we can decide and commit with an outcome any time we want.


2. we set up our own timeframe/deadlines

Have you noticed the more you prolong a task, the longer it takes to do it? If you give yourself more time, you will take all that time to get it done. If you give yourself less time, you will take less time to finish it. The main point here is this – you already committed and DECIDED you’ll accomplish it and so the space you give it to be done, is what it will take.

Gorgeous art by Lizziefij. Found on DeviantArt

Like the Occamy from Fantastic Beasts! ‘Member that sweetheart blue thing that was growing to fill up the whole Macy’s store yet easily squeezed itself into a teapot because it needed to? 😃 Yeah, that’s what we do with goals + time. We let it fill in the space we give to it.
I can guarantee you if I had just two sets of lashes, I’d get it right in the second try and if I had 8 sets? It would take me 7 pairs faffing around and finally nail it on the 8th.

Now my love, this is to remind you that TRULY if there’s something you have been aiming for and it is not here yet, all you need is to remember that….

your decision to accomplish it is all it takes!

Sure thing you can and you will mess around with the timeframe {being human is fun, isn’t it? 😀} yet this never fails:

✨Once you decide, it’s yours!✨


Sending you many, many accomplished smooches!





Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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