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Hellluuu lovely!

Am I excited to share this new finding or what? 😀

It *seems* to be *almost* perfect. << Ya, using the words very carefully here ’cause I know planner perfection doesn’t exit so…. let’s see how it’ll unfold.

I’ll tell you WHY this planner is getting pretty close to perfection in a minute.

First, a warning. This post is LONG and FULL OF PICS!

And I know you my dear #planneraddict ….
Planner Porn is always a good thing to enjoy at any given time, ya?

So let’s do it!

Here goes the step-by-step of my thinking process as I unboxed this beauty.

First off, the “box”:



Yup, got it from Macy’s online and the box was inexistent. It came carelessly tossed inside a bag.

Here she is saying ‘hi’ to us:



Luckily no damage. That I could see at least.

I’m not used to getting planners in a plastic bag like this. I felt I just got a fake Louis Vuitton or something 😀



Here in all her beauty without the plastic ickiness:

PN front


Ya need details of each corner of the binder?

You got it!

The cute button



The bottom side

{I was obviously looking for the “f” by default 😀 }



The pretty signature:



The rings!

You want to know about the rings?

not.ligned.up >:-/



BUT….. no biggie, I could easily flip the pages back and forth without getting caught in it.

Now, here comes what was first an issue turned into a potential perfection

The overall binder and pages sizes.

The binders comes with its own yummy creamy calendar in it and when I first saw it {at the actual store} I was thrilled ’cause I thought it was an over “widthy” personal size:



Because I gotta say I LOVE personal binders, they are perfect for purses {obviously} and have so many pretty designs, but oh my gawd how I hate their narrow pages!

The proportions of the A5s are ideal for me. {the relationship between width + lengh that is} Which makes pocket ones so comfy to write as well.

But personals? Oh, the pain! I can barely stand how in a few words I get to the end of the paper and need to start a new line already.

Anywho. As I was saying…

When I first glanced at it, I totally eye-balled it wrong thinking it was same size as Personal pages but wider.

At home, binder in hands I eagerly tucked in a personal page in it and THIS happened…….

PN perosnalpaper



oohhhh the pain! How could I had been so off thinking it’d fit a personal size?

A few minutes of whining around about my non-sense eye-balling evaluation when it occurred to me….

OF COURSE! A5 pages will fit perfectly!

*big slap in the forehead*

And all happily I went grabbing a sheet of A5 to test out.

Which came out to this:

PNtwo sheets


Yup, exactly what you are thinking…..

  • The creamy page on top – PatNash sheet
  • The salmon page in the back – A5 sheet



I could not believe it.

{breathe, breathe, Raine. Sure thing has been more than a year you don’t splurge on a new binder and you want this to work but take a moment to breathe.}

Yes, talking myself out of the frustration just like that 😀

So…. I thought. If the binder when closed doesn’t show the A5 pages sticking out I can just pull out all of the creamy pages and load it with my own A5 pages.  I didn’t like those creamy ones anyway.

And so I held my breath and closed the binder:




“For crying out loud, is that binder NOT going to work with ANY of the standard size pages?”

I thought to myself.

“Was the maker of it such a pest to actually create sheets in a size that only they use it?”

I thought to myself.

Then….. the l a s t trick up my sleeve that I could think of…..

HALF letter size pages

The result?

You guessed. Didn’t work either. >:-/

Turned out the maker DID create a custom sized page for her binder.

Look at all the pages together:



Pages are as follows:

  • Top creamy one – PatNash
  • Middle white one – half letter
  • Bottom salmon one – A5

I was about to throw the towel.

I started thinking of putting that baby up on Ebay or returning it – whichever was less complicated.

When FINALLY a big bright light bulb lit up!

Of course, if I was willing to replace all PatNash creamy inserts with A5 why not do that same thing with the half letter size?

After all they did NOT stick outside the planner when closed!

And TWO HUGE PLUSES came out of that….

1- Printing for it is a piece of cake!

Ya see, peeps outside US that use International Metric system are SO lucky that A4 is their “standard” sheet of day-to-day use. Printing any A4 PDF file in booklet format instantly creates an A5 booklet.
In other words, you tuck into your printer whichever A4 paper you have laying around and you end up with sheets ready to fill up your A5 binders, Filofax or not.

In US? Well, printing Letter size in booklet format just gets us…. half Letter size pages 😀
Taller and skinnier than A5 {you can see that in the pic above with all 3 papers}

Now, with this miraculously-odd-shaped-planner I can actually be THAT cool and print my pages easy peasy just like the rest of the world!

Letter size > booklet format > Half Letter size > FITS the planner!

No oversized binder to make it all bulky {which is what you get when you try to use only half letter size in A5 binders}

With this new approach I eagerly went to {easily} print some booklets:



And the weekly view:


SO neat, ya? 😀

{Those planner pages can be found on my Shop by clicking right here.}

By the way…. are you still with me? Did I bore you to death with my paper size analysis?

I sure hope not, ’cause talking about bulky binders, here comes the second HUGE PLUS:

2- It is roomy to write like an A5 but SMALLER and LIGHTER than an A5

In other words, it fits my purse!

Look at them together:



oh my gawd, I AM in planner heaven!

TWO issues tackled just like that : convenience to print + portable enough yet plenty of room to write.


Final verdict :: h.e.a.v.e.n.



And what was that last picture for, you ask?

Oh, I just did my nails and I wanted to show it off. #dealwithit


Now, I want to hear from YOU.

Where are you at with your planner adventures? What is your latest discovering and why are you loving it?

Super-excited to hear all about it in the comments below 🙂

Many Smooches,

Raine Signature