Trust and the black hair lady! 🙂


I have a face! Yeah!

That sounded funny, but I mean that after FOREVER days, I am finally able to paint again, and I have a face for the 29face challenge!


I am not sure how behind I am, maybe 3-4 faces? So don’t know which number this one is, but will try to catch up until the end of the month *next week – gulp!*

Besides the fact that I am celebrating a very much reduced back pain compared to last week’s (more about it here and here), there are two extra-fun things related to this face.

First, I was brave enough to make her with a black hair! yeah!
I tried before, was afraid to mess it up and change my mind in the last minute. This time I was fearless and did it! HA!

Second thing is that I got a new toy and was able to experiment it with my new face.

Any idea what the new toy is?

Take a look at the pic:



Can you tell? Can you tell? *blink, blink*

See ya tomorooooow!




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    Such a sweet girl. 🙂 Love her!

  2. Avatar

    I love this sentiment and I love your face1 Very cool. (Still a little behind myself but that’s what weekends are for,yes? 😉

    • Avatar

      Yes! Totally agree! We have all the time in the world to catch up as long as we are enjoying it! :)Thank you for stopping by Lydia!

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    Such a great face! You’re making me curious about your new toy …

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      YAY! Someone asks about it! LOL
      I got a pen tablet 😀 I wrote the text of this picture on it.
      Still experimenting with it and so much fun!

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    You defintely have a signature style Jaci.I love your vibrant colors.The faces are wonderful.I love the wild and carefree hair on all your young ladies.Eye pleasing
    compositions! Anxious to see your work in person! Thanks for sharing.
    I also love reading your blogs.Fun website!!!

    • Avatar

      Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by!
      Just a few more weeks for your visit! Yay! 😀


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