The “Shoulds” of a NYC Friday night

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The Should's of a NYC Friday Night


Helllluuuuu lovely!

Happy beginning of a new week. 🙂

You might or might not know that I just recently re-launched the video training on “Making Any Planner Work For You”.

In it, I am talking about two crucial things that we need to allow ourselves to do:

Saying “no” and letting go of “shoulds”.

And this weekend I got to walk my talk and do both.

You see, being a recent transplant to NYC I have SO much in my bucket list of “Things-to-experience-as-a-new-New-Yorker”. Aside of going places, meeting people offline has been a crucial part of it. PLUS connecting with Brazilians was on top of my list. { Born and raised in Brasil. Any one else? Please raise your “verde-e-amarelo-azul-e-branco-também” pretty hands! 😀 }

So this past Friday all seemed juicier as it can be.

Forró Party {a kind of Brazilian dance} happening in a venue + neighborhood I have never been to AND peeps that I already knew would be there AND many new prospects to meet. PLUS….. seriously, it was Friday and it is New York City! Things are buzzing all around.

The thing is….

something seemed off.

I caught myself thinking:

“I am in a new city I know very few people and I should meet more so I should go.”

“That party will be packed with Brazilians so I should go”

“I have never been to that hood so I should go there to take a peek”

“I already told a friend I’m going so I should go.”

“It starts very late, the way I like it. I already finished all the work I had to for today, so I should go”

“It is a weekend. Who stays home on a Friday night? It’s NYC for crying out loud! I should go.”

And on and on and on I kept thinking all those sentences that had “shoulds” in it.

That’s when I realized…. I didn’t WANT TO GO OUT!

I was craving a stay-in cozy night. I was craving some down time and it just happened to be on a Friday night, in NYC, when a packed-full Brazilian Party was happening.

Oooohhhh, the release and freedom that happens after such awareness.

Years ago I decided that “shoulds” wouldn’t dictate my life anymore and here I was being tested again to walk my talk.

Pure Beauty.

I had an awesome chilled out Friday night at home with even more insights about other stuff that I will talk about more later. {Hint: We are calling it #TheGirlyChallenge 🙂 }

These past weekend I’ve been readying all your comments in the training series about Making Any Planner Work for You and I KNOW how hard it is to spot a “should” and harder yet to say “no” to it.

So today Monday 09/21 at 5pm EST let’s talk more about it on Periscope. Find me over there as @LimeTreeFruits and let’s chat. But don’t forget to watch the video first! Extra brownie points if you actually fill out the printables. 😀

Talk to you again very soon!

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PS: Persicope if you hadn’t heard about is a very fun way to connect with your fave peeps through live streamed videos. It is a mix of YouTube + Webinars but better ’cause it is WAY easier to use. Give it a try!


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