Are you that selfish?

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are you that selfsih


Hey lovely!

Today I have a tricky question and tricky topic for you.

Did you ever feel like you are being too selfish?

Or even worse – Have you ever stop yourself from doing something because you didn’t want to seem selfish?

I have some flashing news for you.

The best thing you can do for someone else is to be selfish.

Say what?

I’ll explain.

The other day I was talking to a friend about how hard it is for me to let my girly side out.

I was raised to believe that being girly is shallow and superficial so understandably I grew up avoiding at all costs being seeing as girly.

The thing is…. I adore girly stuff!

These days I can say it out loud without feeling like my world will shatter but it took me a lot of “inside job” to get to it. Meaning inner work.

And still the girly in me struggles to come out.

So me and that friend {which also struggles with her own girly side} decided to take action on making it something more comfortable and regular in our lives.

My challenge for that day was to actually dress the girliest way I could think of and go out and about with my day.

This was the result of it:

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 4.11.41 AM


I totally LOVED dressing like that for a REGULAR day at the coffee shop working my tushy off.

white + pink + sparkly jewelry

Seriously how on earth do I have to PUSH myself to dress like this? 😀

Anyway I was very proud of myself telling my friend how girly I felt.

Now, keep in mind that that same day earlier she was hanging by my desk at home and saw all the colorful planners and inspirational quotes I have up my bulletin board {reads, white wall above my desk}

As I described how proud I am for being out and about in my girly outfit she says:

“But Raine what are you talking about? You are very girly already. I can’t even let myself hang all those girly calendars you have above your desk!”

I stared at her and blinked.
Blinked again.
And blinked some more.

“say what? I am girly?” I thought to myself
“what IS she talking about?”

In a flash it all came back to me. The years using black and white paper, not daring to use pens beyond the “regular” blue + red and how I’d hold myself from buying notebooks with cutiesy covers.

Those years seemed so far away now….

I started digging deeper {in my brain’s archives} remembering all the black, grey, brown of my back in the days outfits and how getting a red tennis shoes was a splurge and “burst of color” for me.

Then I started questioning…. what changed? When did I allow myself to start writing with pink, purple, lime green and baby blue pens into overly colorful planner pages?

That’s when it hit me!

Back in the days when I started blogging and started my deep “inside job” work, my deep journey to know my self better and get the sparkle back into my life was when it all unravelled.

I’d spend HOURS every day after work locked up in my “woman’s cave” journaling, painting, letting my girly side out for the first time evah.

It was a LOT of me time, a lot of “selfish” time some might say.

And you know what came out of that, in that year?


Planners 2013


Which resulted in….. you probably know…

The very first LimeTreeFruits Planner!

first planner


Now sweets, imagine if I hadn’t taken the time to be immersed in all that  “me” time during that year? Imagine if I wasn’t “selfish” enough to recognize that a life without sparkle and excitement makes no sense and I that I had to take time “off” from people every evening to be on my own figuring things out?

There wouldn’t have been LimeTreeFruits planners for the past 3 years!

I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people I did through my blog and wouldn’t have started a business out of my gifts.

{There would have been much less giggle snort moments throughout those years too! << crucial point here! }

My life completely changed because I took the time to be “selfish”, to find the answers to why I was feeling so blah and unfulfilled when on the outside everything in my life seemed great.

Having said all that my dear, I URGE you to take time for yourself.

I urge you to be “selfish”.

Allow wherever is inside of you to come out.

It is no joke {even thou so cliché} when peeps out there say that you are unique and that only you can fulfill your desires.

The best of it all?

Everyone benefits from that unique gift you have inside.

Your relationship with the world {and people} around you improves just because you allowed yourself to be “selfish”, nurture and bring forward the best version of yourself.


No kidding.

And that is exactly what we are doing in Your Life in Flow. Peeling the layers to bring to the surface all the goodness you have hidden over the years in an attempt to comply with expectations, shoulds and other people’s demands.

I broke down my journey of uncovering my own layers into this program.

Come take a look! You will love it. 🙂

Many Smooches,

Raine Signature




PS – we are starting on October 5th! That last quarter of the year will be mind-blowing. I promise you! 😀 Click here to join us.

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