The Final Stretch of the Year

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Happy Monday, love!

We are officially on the final leg of the year and as we move forward creating the things we want in our lives – aiming for goals and stuff –  a reminder:

The certainty of the outcome makes it all easy to follow through with our commitments.

Meaning, knowing things will work out makes it safer to keep going and to commit till the end.

So be EASY on yourself if something you are going for is new to you or something that you have never seen done before in your family/circle/environment.

Doubt will creep in and second thoughts will make you back up.

Just remember that the unknown is freaking scary so totally normal to feel like it is “not the right thing to do it right now”, or that you need some time to prepare more or this or that.

Acknowledge the fear. And go for it anyway.

We can not let yet another year go by without doing the thing, can we?

Another year like all the other ones, making plans but never actually going for it?

No. It is time. And fear can’t stop you!

Many Smooches,



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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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