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This evening I unexpectedly decided to have some “me” time.

I had a pretty long list of things to do but because of a little post-office surprise {to be shown in a later post} I just decided to ignore my list and work on fun stuff.

And that includes Filofaxing, of course!

I have been craving a cash pocket on my compact Filofax for a while.
But because it is a compact AND because I am already using a plastic envelope for some random papers AND because I didn’t want to spend money to order online on a new envelope I just let it go.

But last week, the light bulb went on! {yay! 😀 } I had that very extremely complex idea.

Here it is:

On my last post I talked about the art goodies I recently bought, including a watercolor set.
That set came with a “freebie” brush set.

I hadn’t used the brushes yet but wanted to put them into my brush cups so I took them out of the bag.

THAT’S when I realized the bag could make a very good cash envelope for my Filofax!

And here we go, my super-complex and intricate process:

The envelope

The envelope


I placed the envelope on the page to cut it the right height:



Folded to find the center:



Whole punched:



And ta-daaaaaaa:



Very exhausting process. 😀

And it is just PERFECT for the purpose! It is very narrow which makes it a perfect cash size.
See compared to the zipped Filofax plastic envelope. It sits right under the “stitching”:


Very Narrow!





Sooo do YOU have a plastic envelope laying around that you repurpose easy-peasy like that? 😉

I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Leave LINKS to your DIY projects too! 🙂

Thanks again for reading and have a great weekend!


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Hello! I'm Raine.👋🏼

Artist, designer and believer that ✨joy & fun✨ are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness – to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


  1. Mary

    That was using your noodle! Well done!

  2. Anita

    Brilliant & just the right size!

  3. Janice MacLeod

    After stalking your site, I’ve determined that you are soooo my people. I love how you get a thrill out of the envelopes and papers and books… there is eye candy all over this site. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. Irma

    I so love your ideas. You always inspire me.

  5. Donna McBroom-Theriot

    I’ve been exploring your site for a while and downloading all those wonderful freebies (and tweeting) that you so generously provided for us. I also follow your blog and my sister and I have been posting your links in our planner group on facebook Southern Charm Planners (would love to have you there). Thanks for the wonderful goodies!! My planner is going to be so cute and I can’t wait to post pictures in our group. Donna

    • LimeTree

      Oh my gawd, thank you Donna! That is so so sweet of you guys! So glad you are liking the blog and my work. 🙂

  6. Dianne in the desert

    I do not actually use a Filofax planner. Mine is a combination of Dayrunner, Daytimer, and Franklin-Covey. The binder is bright, sunny yellow and everyone who knows me identifies me as the “lady with the bright yellow planner” because I am never seen during daylight hours without it. LOL. All of the pages that I do use that I have created on my computer fit that planner. Other than the alignment of the punched holes, what works in a Filofax will work in what I have. Yes, I have the hole punch to fit my 7-hole planner format. So, rather than use a page protector to hold small items in my planner for a project, I have been doing what you just showed us above. I love innovative ideas that work with existing things that I already use. Like nearly everyone else, I have “tools”. Yes, my laptop, smartphone, tablet are “tools”, but the best one of all is the one that I can make my own — my planner. Truth be told, everything that need backing up is also in the planner — pockets on pages that hold the chips that backup the phone and the tablet. I have thumb drives for the laptop. I have backup printed copies of the address book from my PIM program. I am unwilling to toss away over 20 years of my work without a fight! LOL. Your creative ideas are giving me ideas, too. Maybe I need to start a blog? That is something to think about… I am so enjoying my treks through your website and the insights I am gaining from reading your work. Good job, Raine! I am now convinced that being a dedicated fan of yours will be a good thing for me and for my family. Keep on keeping on!

  7. Sue and Danny O'Mullan

    Oh, I just have to…….. “Do you have a twenty I could borrow?”…. lol
    Pathetic sense of humor…

  8. Dawn Hagen

    Ha! I can’t tell you how many other plastic packaging envelopes have made it into my planner for one recycled purpose I dreamed up or another 🙂 Great minds …

  9. Ali

    I used to be a Filofax user but you are tempting me more and more with every post. What size do you find most useful and do you take yours with you wherever you go?

    • LimeTree

      Depends on the situation. A5s for me are great for planning but they stay home on my desk. Personal and compact are my fave to carry but mostly just quick notes on them. 🙂

  10. KawaiiLovah

    That’s really awesome idea!
    Although I’m curious as to how you managed to close or seal it.. ;D
    and added the ziplock thing too..

    • Melanie whitten

      Just starting the cash envelope system. Appreciate any advice .

  11. kringle

    Hi I’m going to start my cash envelopes next month and organizing my budget every month and start putting money each month to my savingas express. As called a time deposit . I live in onecheck
    And thiscash envelopes help me out to over speending

  12. Claudia

    Instead of using a clear plastic envelope, I used a colored zippered pencil bag from the dollar store. When you took out your bills no one could see what was inside. This worked perfect.

  13. Joyce

    How can Order the item on this page

  14. Carol Fuller

    Loved this idea! There is nothing that makes me feel better than to repurpose one item into something totally different with a new way to use it! Thanks and will follow you from now on!


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