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This is really getting annoying!

I thought it was going to fade away in like 1/2 day but still people are talking about it and I had to get this out.

That Instagram 6hrs. glitch from the other day? That change of Facebook algorithm, from like… always? The Pinterest change of authorized softwares for automation?


It REALLY surprises me that you are surprised with this.

I keep seeing left and right YOU my dear online entrepreneur, *still* shocked and appalled that Social Media can do wherever they want with YOUR following including keeping you from reaching out to their own community.

It’s 2019, people! Haven’t we learnt that yet? 😫

Social Media platforms belong to other people!

They can do wherever they want with it, INCLUDING messing with your carefully and lovingly built following!

Having your own corner of the internet to post your content {your website} and your own direct way to communicate with your peeps {their emails} is *super-important* to running your online business.

Nope, I’m not going to say that this is THE one and only way to do so but having access to connect with your community when YOU need, IS *THAT* IMPORTANT!
It all goes back to being able to reach out to your people.

And building your community OUTSIDE social media platforms has been talked about over and over for years! L-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y yeeeeears! 😩 It is not for nothing…

Since *I* started doing this online thing – 6 yrs ago – I hear about that. This principle has been doing its rounds way before that. It has always been such a strong and clear case of one more area where you get to building your biz in your own terms.  And in this case *not* on SM terms.  Using SM to reach new people? YES! But not as the main source of your communication.

Even your followers are counting on that.

They are counting on a way to keep hearing from you regardless of the latest terms + conditions change of whatever outside platform you post most.

Years ago I used to use Blogger feed as my way to keep up-to-date with peeps that I liked. When that platform started going down on its dying-diva path, bloggers alike started moving out of it. Understandably and necessary.

All in all,  Blogger was just another type SM platform anyway.

Yet it was HARD WORK for me – an avid follower of bloggers to try to figure out how to keep receiving updates from those people that I loved so much. I ended up losing sight of the majority of them because the Blogger RSS feed was the only way they had available to connect with them. Some had other SM accounts that they barely posted to. OR they were using social media platforms that I didn’t have an account and/or was barely on it so I never saw their updates.

Thing is….. I *wanted* to keep hearing from them.

And because Blogger’s RSS feed wasn’t happening anymore I lost track of the majority of them. The ones that I didn’t loose track? Were the ones I had signed up for newsletters and they would send me news from time to time. Even if not consistently but at least I knew somewhere/somehow in the cyberspace I’d hear from them.

It SO surprises me that lately I keep seeing over and over again {even from some names that became more known over the years} how they are a-p-p-a-l-l-e-d that Facebook, or Instagram, or Pinterest or wherever platform, “is not reliable”, “changed their algorithms once again”, or “is asking me to pay to reach my own audience that I grew organically!”. This coming from online entrepreneurs that have been in biz for years.

None of this is news, party people!
All those platforms are their own business doing their own thing, changing things as they see fit for THEIR business, not yours.

People pluuuhhease, I BEG of you!

Get your content ON YOUR SITE!

And from there spread to Social Media posts and reach new audiences.

Get those EMAILS!

And from there keep your followers always up to date with your news and connected with you.

Not only for your own business purposes and growth but for your community!
They *want* to hear from you!

They LOVE you and want to be around you, regardless of what part of the planet you are, what kind of shifted interests you have, wherever up and down is happening in your life, they fell in love with YOU and they want to be in touch! They want to hear from you! Social Media has *no* saying if and when your community gets to know about your latests.  Organic/paid reach, techy glitches, changes in terms & conditions, none of those are relevant to your peeps. They just want to connect with you, hear from you…..

Don't make your followers work so hard for it - make it easier for them: Get their email and post content on your site.


⭐️🏆Everybody wins!🏆⭐️

And then, does it mean you are done with SM?

Of course not!

But you know that what you post in there, you post over at you corner of the internet first and foremost, and then you can organize, categorize and make it EASIER for your people to find those juicy content you have shared just a few months ago, that got lost in the SM feed.

Everything they see over there, out there on those platforms?
All of them are reflected on YOUR corner of the internet, YOUR hub + party central that they can rejoice and roll in filling up on your wisdom and brilliance to the max.

Oh right, the famous  and recurring “But I don’t  want to ‘bug’ my people emailing theme every.single.time. I have something new to share!”

Welp…. do a weekly wrap up then! Send ONE email with all the recent updates that has been going on and links for them to read further on each one – on your site!

Do wherever you want on that matter, but pleeeeeease don’t wait for the next glitch/algorithm/policy changes to remind you that….


Social Media platforms belong to other people

They are not your business.

Bring on all that amazing content over to your corner of the internet and from there, from your hub, spread the goodness you are here to spread.

Pluuuhheeassee stop putting your peeps through that situation of having to rely on the flakiness of SM to hear from you. It is not needed.

The easy-peasy steps to free yourself from SM flakiness, again:

1- Get those emails.
2- Post content on your site.

Suggestions on those two steps?

  • Email Subscription :: {so many options!} Take a look at ActiveCampaign, MadMimi, Drip, Keap and Ontraport just for starters!
  • Website :: Welp, WordPress is the way to go peaches and I bet you already know that :))
    There are lots of pieces that goes into building a website to fulfill your darling biz needs. I can help you with all of that! All the techy pieces you don’t want to deal with, I’m here for them 😎 On this link right here you can book your consultation call with me – totally free! – and we will sort out the details of what you need on your site, specifically tailored to your business – where it’s at and where it is going. From there if we are a good fit, we are ON to our work together! ✨👩🏻‍💻


Talk to you {very} soon!





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