Modeling: Another shade of my versatile Filofax



Hellllluuu there! 🙂

Ya know…I got very stuck thinking of what to do next for the Art Every Day Month that just started.

“geeezzz, it’s only the second day and I’m blank already?” – I thought to myself.

Plus, “today is Friday, a great chance to do my debut on Paint Party Friday. I need to draw/paint/art SOMETHING!”

But I was totally stuck!

I did some patterns, flowers, a gate {?}…..none of them excited me…..looked around on my messy desk to find inspiration…..


so many Filofaxes spread out on the table, how to not use one of them as model? 😀

I actually picked a very good one to start her modeling career.

My very first Filofax: a Personal Pink Domino.

Look at that pose and the natural skill she has for it:



Of course the beauty just had to proudly stand by her portrait for another shot:




and a better view of the final work:




A pretty simple but gorgeous Filofax, don’tcha think? 😀

Now, are you ready for a PRINTABLE of that juicy artwork?
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Smooches to you all and have a great day! 🙂

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Modeling: Another shade of my versatile Filofax — 30 Comments

  1. i can relate to that feeling of “what to draw??!?” i’ve been working on the theory that anything around me is fair game lately and it’s been kind of fun. i love your rendition of the filofax! happy ppf!

  2. In this day and age of iPhones and digital media, it’s almost quaint to see someone using a filofax. I, myself, gave up on my Palm a year ago and have been using a Franklin Planner again. Oddly, I prefer it by far. And I completely hear you about drawing a blank so early in this month. I am going to have to get ahold of myself or this will be a long month!

  3. Mmm, these Dominoes are such friendly Filofaxes, aren’t they – always at hand and so useful and cute! 🙂
    Lime Tree, and the drawing – why, oh why don’t I have your talent????? :)**

  4. Can I have a website button of this drawing for my website? I’ll link it through your website, so anybody clicking on the filofax will be redirected to you. Let me know!

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