Rock on!!! You found the exclusive Insiders’ Goodies Page. 😀

As promised tons of juiciness await you.

First, of course, the darling Art Pack that has been rolling around.

’cause we all need some colorful reminders handy, ya? 🙂

Put in your phone, your computer, your planner, pin it to the fridge, everywhere you need to look at to remind yourself about this goodness:



I separated all links for you so you can download them all directly from your tablet or phone. Here we go:



Got them all? Great!

Now on a different topic…

If you are anything like me, your mind is constantly moving in a speedy-fast pace as if it is having the last chance on earth to be formulating new ideas, plans and projects.

Can you relate?

So… to tame the tiger {my active mind} and actually make good use of its lively vibrance, I need to give it attention, love, care AND create space to develop even more ideas.

How? Simple old school tool: pen and paper.

Everything needs to be put out, all thoughts and ideas need to come out on paper so I can consciously give them attention AND clear room to some more to come.

Soooo after all the awesome ideas, dreams and projects are free to be wild on paper the next step is to come up with a plan to make them happen. And so….


The Dream Chasing Game Plan:


Dream Chasing FREE Printable //

How cute is that? Now THAT’s a fun way to make our dreams a reality! 😀
And it is super-easy to use:

  • Break down the herculean dream/idea/project into baby-steps inside the bubbles.
  • On the left column, brainstorm, doodle and draft ideas to make them happen.
  • Finally on the right column transform the ideas into actionable items!
  • And DO them! 😉


ROCK ON! Let’s roll up our sleeves and make those dreams real!!


Oh, you are ready for even more?
Darling, I’ve got you covered. A WHOLE section dedicated only to printables is awaiting you RIGHT HERE!

It is a feast, I know! 😀 And that will keep you busy for a while. 😉

Before you get off wildly to un-dust your printer…

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✨Happy FriYay, lovelies!✨ Wishing you a bright, colorful and fun-filled weekend????❤️

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