Filofax MeetUp: New York

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I am back and on fire! This is my second post of the day! phew!
Let’s talk NY Meet-Up ūüôā
So, this time I learned. Although I am very passionate about all my Filofax cuties, even travelling with five ones almost across country was too much for my bags and they could actually had gotten damaged in the process.
I behaved this time and brought just three.
As “usual” (aham, second¬†time I am doing this and I am already saying as “usual”) we all were¬†prepping¬†up at the hotel before the MeetUp.
Which BTW the hotel, oh, THE HOTEL!
I am DYING to talk about the Presidential Suite upgrade we got but I won’t.For two reasons:
1- I dont want to spoil DH’s blogging fun (he will talk all about it on his blog next week) and
2- I promise I will kep this post just about the Meet-Up, NYC will come on a later one.
Coming back to Filofax land, here we are all getting ready for our gathering:

Mini Spring Green Chameleon, Personal Black Baroque and Pocket Turquoise Baroque

Note that the little Baroque cutie is a brand new addition to the family. I was lucky enough to receive it in the mail the day prior to our trip!
I was soooo excited! Giggly all¬†evening¬†– NY & a new Baroque!¬†Couldn’t¬†get any better!

Thanks Zoe for making that beauty available!
This time I managed to get DH to come with me which was really fun (for me!) so there were two of us getting lost at Grand Central Terminal!
I really timed myself to be there earlier, but getting lost and all¬†didn’t¬†help.
And here it is one pic of Grand Central, just because it is too beautiful to not be seen:


So, took us a little long to walk around. I finally saw a little store that had the initials of the coffee place we would meet but wasn’t sure. As I looked around to figure things out… “JOSH!” … I saw and yelled!
I finally¬†knew I was in the right place! The beauties of being able to recognize celebrities! ūüėČ
We got to meet Juan and shortly thereafter Kanalt and husband popped out of the coffe shop wiht their dirnks.
Although late, luckily I wasn’t the last one this time! More people were about to arrive. Yay!
We waited a few minutes, started walking away to find tables and one more couple joined the party!
Saffy and husband showed up, fresh from UK!
How fun is that? Very “Philofaxy-like”
We walked around a bit, found piece by piece of what we needed – first an empty table, then a few chairs, and finally a totally different spot with tables AND chairs! Score!!!
We all got comfy and started pulling out the Filos!
Everything was so exciting! Really, I had a blast!
Let’s do some pics:
Look at those happy faces! Filos getting set!
In this pic: Juan, Josh, Saffy, Kendal, Cavendish and Windsor
As usually happend I was pretty sure¬†I took an even better close-up of Saffy’s Adelphi Slimeline but I didn’t. Bummer.
Her set up really got me inspired to maybe adventure into one? I hadn’t used my Slimline yet, maybe now, maybe now….
The “closest” close up I got of her Slimline
I finally¬†got to see and touch a vintage Filofax.¬†¬†No wonder that has been so many complains about the quality of the¬†current¬†“fashionable”ones. ¬†It is such a difference! Really a bummer.
Although¬†don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the¬†colorful¬†and different textures of those¬†fashionable¬†Filofaxes but really, we could have it all! ¬† ¬†**enters Adele to¬†endorse¬†it**
Here it is Josh’s mini Windsor:
His mini got me thinking of using a thinner mini as a wallet. My chameleon is very puffy.
I really lacked pictures this time.
Besides Saffy’s Adelphi, I just LOVED Juan’s Kendal,¬†and¬†no close up of it either! ¬†Even DH got interested on it! Hehe
No pictures to illustrate the beauty so we jump right into the super-start Mr. Cavendish:
Look at that style!
Later on, we had another member joining us! So much fun!
Very upbeat Jenna came around with her diverse collection. Very diverse I mean! Colorful and different kinds of organizers.
There they are:
Personal Rose Classic
That one is a rare little one! More about it here.
Then her “me” binder:
A5 Finsbury (Acqua? Turquoise? Plain Blue? not sure)
And a special guest:
A gold Kate Spade binder!
And again on my “pictures-miss”, I did not take a pic of Ms. Plum!
How could I not have a close up of that fancy beauty. If you hadn’t read the full report on her personality, likes and dislikes, you can check it here.
Reggie¬†was also there and wow! SO soft and juicy! You need to touch it when you get a chance! ūüėČ
I have no more close-ups to show you, so here we go with the pile pics:
Side ways! Look at the minis size difference!
They were a very well-behaved group of Filofax. No one was impatient with the pics and hung in there very still! No complains at all!
And then, casually getting to know each other while getting the latest inserts news updates:
All them chit-chatting and having fun!
We weren’t behind with our updates either. Many intriguing Filofax stories rolling around:
Oh, there was one more close-up I almost forgot to mention. My Personal Black Baroque and Josh’s¬†Hi-Tec-C Coleto Lumio.
He brought also his Lamy.
I tried out both.
Look what followed me home:
No, it is not his Lamy, per say. I did not¬†sneak¬†out¬†with¬†other people’s¬†belongings¬†–¬†although¬†I tried to get Kendal to come home with me.

That Lamy was a lovely gift from DH ūüôā

Soooo, I had a gazillion of fun!
I had a blast, “laugh¬†out loud” a lot and¬†couldn’t¬†be happier for finding such a great group of people!
Thank you so much Kanalt for getting things together and everyone for showing up! Made my NY trip so much more special!
Me. lovezis. PhilofaxyPeeps
HA!!!! And you know whaaat?
Guess who is coming to town people!!!! Guess who!
She, the one who made me use a black Filofax for the first time against all my girly protests! LOL
None other then RORIRANTS herself, in person right here in a state very close to you (aham, me): Colorado!
YESSSS, could it get ANY BETTER?
ANOTHER itty-bitty Filofax MeetUp on its way!
***Sept 23rd in Colorado Springs, CO***
If there are any Philofaxy fans around, please keep tuned as I will post more information as we get close to the date!
How awesome is THAT? ūüėÄ

Many smooches for you all,

Hey, love! I'm Raine.ūüĎčūüŹľ

Artist, designer and believer that ‚ú®joy & fun‚ú® are a MUST in our lives. My hope is that my posts will bring you a giggle, a smile, and also remind you {when you happen to have forgotten} of the importance of your own happiness ‚Äď to yourself and to those around you.

Cheers to this delicious truth! ūü•ā‚ú®


  1. Steve Morton

    Great post, great to see Saffy and her hubby there. 23rd September, we are also meeting in London that day too. Steve

    • Lime Tree

      Oh, Filofax vibes across the world! That will be fun to read your guys tweets and updates as we, down here, get ready to meet! ūüôā

  2. kanalt

    Great post! I’m glad you enjoyed it. If ever you’re back in ny, let me know. My sister in law just moved from Colorado. So sad to say, I probably won’t get out there now (at least in the near future). Have fun at your next meet up!

    • Lime Tree

      Thanks for stopping by Kanalt! I LOVED meeting you all, so much fun!Mmmmm too bad your sister left. Now I HAVE to go to NY for another MeetUp, hehe

  3. Saffy

    It was lovely to meet you and the others, what an impressive collection of filo’s at a mini meet up. Looking forward to reading about the Colorado mini meet up too.

    • Lime Tree

      Saffy! So good to hear from you! I didnt know how to find you online to let you know that I posted this, I am glad you ended up finding it :)Such a bummer I didn’t have better close ups of your Adelphi! It is a very impressive little one!Hope to see you soon in another MeetUp! ūüėČ

  4. DEM

    Oh man!! One of these days I’ll make it to one! So glad that you all had a wonderful time.

  5. Barbara Koltuv

    Does anyone want to sell or trade for a Turquoise Mini Baroque? I would love to buy one, or trade a Hot Pink (brand new) Baroque or Amazonas, or Pocket Turquoise Baroque for a Mini Baroque



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