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Filofax First Moments |


It’s the last day of the year and here I am finally putting together my very first post on my new blog. 🙂 

Excellent 2011 wrap up!

So this first post will be an homage to a bright insight regarding my new organizational tool.

Better saying an homage to the awareness of how I love paper & pen. I’ve forgot about it! I’ve always loved it but just recently realized I have that special bond with paper & pen.

I have been using only my iCal to organize live thru the past two years and I honestly don’t know how I survived.

I just finished my first semester in grad school, and oh boy, how chaotic that was! I am glad it was like that thou so I could finally see how I need to update myself in organizational methods.


And by update I mean going back to paper and pen! HA! :D


Also this Christmas was the first one we had out-of-town family coming over. I also started a new job in the midst of it. Lots of little projects to be done and things to get ready for.


If I had been just a little more *organized* throughout the year, we would had gone thru the Holidays much merrier and joyful.


What a mess the last few months!


Enough with the complaining, I got THE solution:


(drum-rolls) taaa-daaaaaaaaaa:


Exits iPhone enters Filofax!


Oh boy, I am so excited! I am so excited! I ordered my first one! But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me back up some…


First of all, right at the beginning of my research for the perfect system to get me on “top of things” I landed on this a lovely site {that doesn’t exist anymore :-/ } filled with planner and paper + pen ideas.


My stomach went upside down! How could I have ever given up paper? Look at all that fun!
I continued thru the past few weeks avidly discovering and reading blogs on the subject as well as doing some experiments of my own.


I ended up purchasing two Franklin Covey from Ebay, one classic size and one pocket size. I played around with them and found pros and cons.


There were many cons that came to mind – ugliness, bulkiness, etcetc. All them showed up AFTER digging in deeper into Filofax’s blogs!  All about perspective! 😀
In special, the expert folks from Philofaxy and the inspiring ladies at Caribbean Princess and Gala Darling! Oh, how could I dare not try one out?


Yes, I have NEVER used a Filofax!


I dearly remember my mom caring it around everywhere she went thou! Good memories. 🙂 Mom can’t be wrong, right?


And so I went in the quest of my first Filo!


Ebay didn’t cut it. I wanted the feeling of getting my first one from the real store. In my case “real store” means because there is no actual Filofax store in my city.
After days of browsing, searching, reading, searching some more, checking blogs, pictures of wonderfully organized Filofax I purchase my very first one!


A personal pink Domino

I am so excited it hurts! 😀  It was a long week waiting for that FedEx…….
I ended up choosing that one for two good reasons:


1- Very affordable, hence SALE;
2- According to my blog research this one has good size rings that can handle tons of fun sheets and inserts.


Well,well, the long torturous week passed by and finally it arrived! I must say I got spoiled looking at pictures of Filofaxes online and the lovely black box they come in.

Mine didn’t! :-/

Argh! Disappointment!

Certainly, SALE and AFFORDABLE means less fancy so no black cute box to open. Straight out of the shipping box:

Filofax First Moments |


Moving on, here is the full view of my first Filofax beauty:


Filofax First Moments |


So pretty! Now other angles & views:


Filofax First Moments |


Filofax First Moments |


Filofax First Moments |


I have tons of idea on how to use my new cutie to help me get organized with classes, house and work but hadn’t settled in one format yet. I did however purchased a few supplies for it:


Filofax First Moments |


How fun is that? 😀 EXCITED!

Look at that “bandage memo” post-it thingy! And all the pen colors from that german brand that I just found! Oh, boy!

Now one thing I must mentioned that disappointed me, and I gave to it more importance than the lack of a black box: When totally opened, the back of the cover forms some “bubbles”.

It doesn’t maintain the cover smooth when opened flat. Sure, if the binder is opened I will be writing or reading it and won’t look at the back…but even thou, I didn’t like it, seemed not well crafted or something.  Here is a pic of that “bubbled” back part, but it is not showing them very well:

Filofax First Moments |


Oh well! Moving on! 🙂 I can’t help but feel extremely excited and happy with my Filofax overall and here goes some more pics, just because:


Filofax First Moments |


Filofax First Moments |


Ok, enough with the silliness.

As I mentioned earlier I have been researching some organization systems and tools and ended up purchasing two Frankley Covey binders. I didn’t like the binders but loved some of the inserts. One of them, shown below, is a ongoing to-do list that can move around with the Filofax ruler:


Filofax First Moments |


Filofax First Moments |


At that moment – as I tried to figure out how to organize my tabs – I had no problem setting up the stickers and jot pad handy in the plastic sheet and pocket respectively. Here it is how it was looking like that day:


Filofax First Moments |


And my very first entry! 😀


Filofax First Moments |


So since the 17th I have been changing things, moving around some others, and having tons of fun! I will post another update of it once I settle down on a layout!


As I am a pic freak, just for “funzies” here are some more:


Filofax First Moments |


Filofax First Moments |


Have a fun, colorful and exciting New Year’s Eve everyone!

Thanks for reading!

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