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Happy new week, sunshine!

Let's start this one with an added layer of deep clarity, shall we?

I know, I sound like a broken record but we can never have too much clarity.

Because the lack of it just gets us running in circles, wondering when will we “get there”, when we are not even sure what “there” means for us.

👉🏼 So clearing out the fog and getting crystal clear about what we want to create in our lives – where we are heading to – is the most important step.

Now, tricky part is when said clarity is hidden underneath the noise of day-to-day things that we end up brushing off as “just the way things are”.

Yet signs pointing us to where that clarity lies is everywhere.

Lemme show you:

🤔 Think about someone that you might be annoyed by but that you can’t put a finger on. There is just something about that person that rubs off weird or even sets you off sometimes. Something that they do perhaps? Or their whole existence is a never ending eye roll moment for you. 😀

Sit with those feelings for a bit. Without any judgement – of yourself specially.

What is precisely in that person that brings you those feelings? What specifically do they do/be that annoys you and why? Do they take up too much space? Are they too loud, too bold and forward? Or they ask for too much? Or things always seem to work out too easy for them and that just gets on the nerves. Or even how they talk, dress, and address others? Keep asking and peeling off the layers to get to the root cause of what is so off putting to you about that person. {Be brutally honest! This is an exercise just for you and you only. No one will read it.}

💎 And as we go through the exercise, more frequently than not we will find layers of unexpressed and unclaimed parts of ourselves.

Parts that we learned aren’t “appropriated”, aren’t supposed to be shown, need to be tamed and contained.

Seeing those parts for the first time can be liberating.

And once you see those pieces, say it out loud {or on paper} what are the things that you want for yourself and your life – shamelessly. Claim it!

THAT level of honesty and clarity within ourselves is what we need to move forward!

I trust you will feel a surge of energy and peace. Which is all we want for a good week start, isn’t it? ❤️😍

If you feel brave enough, share in the comments your insights! It is always inspiring to hear other people’s stories.





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