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Happy new week sunshine! I’m back already! 😀

I couldn’t resist, love. I have a very important message/reminder for you today 💎

It’s this:

Wherever experience you’ve been trying to bring into your awareness, into your life, you can start right now with baby steps.


You can start at this very moment with things that are **doable** in your reality that will bring you closer to that FEELING.

Because the more you feel something, the more you will have things surrounding you to reinforce that feeling. {Reads: your reality/3D experience changes}


Your goal is to be a successful artist? How would you feel if you were that already? Based on feeling that way, how would you carry yourself throughout the day? Your decisions, your thoughts?

Your goal is to be a writer? Same questions from above. Once you are THAT one prolific and sought-after writer how would your days go? Would you make writing a non-negotiable? {my wild guess is ‘yes’ :D} Would you start off early in the morning or leave it for afternoons?

Your goal is to be a highly successful, and profitable business owner? How would you feel when you “get there”? What can you do today to get closer to that feeling? Look at your finances everyday? Make long term planing and create room in your day for it? Stop the reactive mode?

Options, options! There’s always something we can do right now to bring us closer to wherever feeling we are aiming for.

Because that’s what always comes down to – feelings.

As Neville Goddard beautifully said:



And if you follow Abraham-Hicks you have heard this before.

We want what we want because we believe we'll feel in a certain way once we have it.


And the trick is to go to the feeling first! Not wait for the “thing” to then be in the feelings. Once the feelings are there, constantly, regularly, the “thing” will tag along. There’s no other way, it has to!

So let’s start RIGHT NOW!

  • Set the timer on your phone. 5mins will do.
  • Close your eyes and do some slow breathings.
  • Start feeling that thing you want to feel right now. {once you are a writer, an artist, a biz owner, etc}
  • Stay in that state for a few minutes.
  • Once the timer is up, open your eyes and still in that state….
  • What would you do next? What would you focus on right now?
  • Go do it.
  • And then go do the next thing, and then the next and the next.


Anytime throughout your day that you can, do this exercise.

Feel and Be. Be and then Do.

Notice the shifts in your behavior.


Sending you tight hugs for a beautiful and supported new week 🎀




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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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