✨ How “it’s good enough” holding you back ✨

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Limetreefruits.comLove, when things go well we forget they can be great.

I need to share this with you.

The SHAME of letting perfectionism and the “this is good enough” get the best of me like that. Ugh!

✨Here’s what happened:

For a while I’ve been meaning to re-brand and put out a new snazzy re-branded website.

So, when I mean “a while”, I really mean “a long time”.

Precisely….for TWO WHOLE YEARS! *gasp*

Yup, two years ago I decided to re-brand. Took me 6 months to put it together. S-i-x-m-o-n-t-h-s!

Still…. in 6 months the new brand was ready.

I built the site, asked for other people’s opinion on it {eye roll! Never do that, love! It’s YOUR brand, YOUR site. Validation – as Austin Kleon nicely reminds us – is for parking!} and then I finally had the new brand and site up.

What happened then?

If you did the complicated math we are now at “1 year and a half ago”. So that’s when the new site was almost ready to go….

yeah “almost”


“there are a few things here and there I want to adjust first”.

“there’s this page, and this one paragraph I am not sure yet”

“I might need to change this offer here.”

And… so… on… and… so….on……

With this my love, without me even noticing…. A DARN YEAR AND A HALF PASSED BY!

Because I never felt it was “quite ready”

Once I realized this – last week! – I got to work!

“This is insane! Screw this! The site is going live NOW”

Ha! And so my site was live….

All wonderful and dreamy, ya?


There was something ‘not right’…

Beyond just a few tweaks here and there, something just wasn’t feeling right…

So I dig in within as I usually do on those situations, and of course it came to me.

✨The new brand and the new site reflected beautifully ME…. from 2 years ago!

*IF* the site had been live since then, of course, by now I’d be updating the brand again.

I change constantly {seriously, people who saw me 6 mo ago can tell the difference now} and of course in 2 years time…. a whole diff Raine would be emerging! 😀

So down with that brand and on to work on an updated one.

Of course, no waiting for perfection this time. Quite the opposite because a whole season of my business came and went that did not see the light of the day! It stayed within the “private published” mode of my site.

Three very important things to notice on those happenings:

✨1. If things are “going well” we don’t feel the need to change them into “going great”!

In other words : We only commit to change when we feel it’s necessary

You see love, everything was going well in my business. I didn’t feel the *need* to actually rebrand and relaunch my site.

From things going well, after publishing the new site, things could go GREAT {branding IS important and it DOES solidify your business positioning} however I was comfortable in my “going well enough” zone and did not felt the urgency nor a slight *need* to hit publish on the new site.

✨ Lesson: unless we perceive something as a necessity, we won’t do it!

>> How can you shift that one thing you have been meaning to do for ages, into a non-negotiable to moving forward in life?

✨ 2- Perfectionism, is truly good for nothing!

Being detailed-oriented is not being a perfectionist. Perfectionism hides fear of not being enough.

Perfectionism is another face of procrastination – until is “perfect” it can’t be out.

And on this example that happened to me and my site…. a whole new level of fun and experiences could have happened if I had let go of the perfectionism and let the new brand be seen. Now its time belong in the past, even if it existed just for me.

Not fun, huh? It could have been out there for everyone to see but nope, I refused because it wasn’t just “quite ready”

Most of us know this one already but needs to be said:

✨ Lesson: Done is ALWAYS better than perfect. Perfectionism truly is good for nothing.

So love, it’s 2020. Perfectionism has to go.

“Not good enough” has to go.


“This is good as is” also has to go.

{The paradox!}

Wherever you have been postponing, this very long email was to remind you – let it out, publish it, say it, hang it in the wall, commit!

And if you deep inside know {we always do!} that you can experience a new and different level of goodness in your life by going beyond just what is good as is, go beyond. Try the new. Don’t settle.

“It’s good enough” is to get you going and “this can be even better” to keep you going.

Wherever is pending that you meant to do it but not yet….. get to it, love. Time will just pass you by if you don’t





Hey, love! I'm Raine.👋🏼

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Cheers to this delicious truth! 🥂✨


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