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I am so pleased to be here opening up my studio to create your vision.

Ya know that dear moment of your life you just don’t want let go of and feel it need to be recorded somehow? That graduation, dreamy vacation, the leap of faith to embrace a new venture, a new relationship or even the amazing month you just had!

Yup, you want all them recorded, whimsy looking and proudly displayed so you can remind yourself of those juicy moments any time you want.

And for that my love, there is a solution:





Are you ready for it?

Awesome! Write all about your scrumptious story right below {or send it over to contact at limetreefruits dot com} while I will go get my brushes and paint so we can get started!


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See ya in the studio. 😉






PS – oh, yes! Pricing! That will completely depend on your project, my love. Fill out the form above or email me and we will rock your big vision from there. 😉