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Create a website that easily and directly speaks to your clients, showcases you and your work in the best way possible and that you are proud of. And makes you stand out as the experienced professional that you are – without looking like a DIYer!

The Membership

What is included?

There is a never-ending plethora of things we can learn to apply universal laws while harnessing the power of our minds to make it all happen. Every quarter a new course covering all the above on a specific topic, will be recorded LIVE with you! For the first round? We start with the core of it all – Manifestation Basics!

As we navigate through the course’s focus for the quarter, we will have a place to gather daily. In it we will have check-ins, connect, create accountability + support and really build a community around this new way of living that we are creating for ourselves.

We will meet monhtly to check in on progress, wins, answer questions and cover anything that comes up and needs to be worked through during that month. We will cover self-development, mindset work, spirituality, online business, relationships and anything that we need to fully integrate and  embody this new way of living.

Throughout the weeks you will be receiving new posts, articles and/or resources exclusive to members. All them specifically tailored and related to the concepts covered in the course and/or the contents we have been working through in the calls.

All courses will be recorded LIVE and all members will be able to participate as the course is being created. At any point that you decide to leave us for a moment and end your membership, you will still have access to all courses created while you were a member. 

Members get a private space to hang out online and find all the membership content. Courses will be posted in the members area as well as all the schedule coming up and new weekly resources {*ahem* blog posts are my favorite and a brand new blog was created exclusively to Hub members only!}

What will we cover?

Mindset Work

This is a crucial part of intentionally creating and experiencing the lives we want. We’ll go through processes and techniques I’ve been using over the years to shift old patterns and release old programmings.

Identity Shift

And of course, all that mindset work will not stick or create long term results if we hang on to who we have been through all those years. An identity shift is needed to reach new levels in your life and we’ll keep diligent and steady focus on making it happen.


Ah, this misunderstood topic! I promise you love, you don’t need to be a painter, dancer, musician or any of the officially known titles of artists to be a creative. We all have that built in our systems and the way it expresses itself into the world is unique to each of us. And it is a necessary part of living a fulfilled life which is needed to activate even more the power you have within. We will not ignore this beautiful magical part of ourselves and will bring it to the surface and integrate into our daily lives.


One of my favorite topics! Early on in my business journey someone said that the greatest self-development process has been running their own business. I didn’t fully understand it at the time but now, after 10 years running my own business with 7 of those been my full time work and income I truly couldn’t agree more with that statement! It is BEAUTIFUL the things that come up as we find our ways to create businesses that light us up from the inside out. All the little hidden patterns and limitations rise up strongly as we put ourselves out there, day in and day out. In The Hub we will cover topics to help us move through all of the bumps in the road and truly expand our heart-centered businesses.


This is a constant happening in our lives. Rather you know it or not, we are manifesting all the time – 24/7! The results might not be what you wanted to manifest but your power to do so is there. And in The Hub we will learn how to use it to intentionally manifest what we really want.


Can’t go without it! Even if we tried hard, we can’t. Our connection with a Higher Source is the realest thing that brings it all together and makes all of the above possible and tangible in our 3D world. It will be a crucial part of integrating every principle we cover in the courses, live calls, articles, resources and all around The Hub content. This is not to claim any specific religion thou. This is to acknowledge and work with the Divine connection within each of us – in whichever shape, face, name or lenses it has for you.

And who am I to be teaching you on all of this?

Hi there, I’m Raine.

Creative, designer, artist and all around believer that this life we are in is meant to be fully lived through ✨joy and fun✨

Thing is love, that this certainty of a joyful and fun life has not always been there.

I’ve been for many years watching from the sidelines, others accomplishing things, talking about “ease and flow” {please, where? 😒} and shaking my head believing those things were not at all possible to me in any way, shape or form.

I could see it was possible, yes! But not for someone like me.

Someone with my background, my upbringing, my story, my past and back then present situation. And I truly thought that was it. All good and peachy… for certain people.
Unattainable on my end.

 At some point thou {at many points actually} I decided to shift the scripts in my head.

I decided this manifestation game, this “let’s-create-what-we-want” approach COULD NOT be an exclusive club that only certain people are meant to experience and others aren’t.

💭 “Watching from the sidelines must not be IT. Life can’t be just a window display. It can’t be just that” – I’d think to myself.

And I made that an option – an option to stay out of the fun or… to fully engage in it.

Now diving into it and making it work for me? A choice that I had to commit {and still have to!} every single time that a default thought, pattern or unhelpful perception would sneak back in.

Throughout the years, learning from so many different people I have been honing down my skills and techniques, testing what works and what doesn’t, to create the experiences I want in life. SO many insights, a-ha moments, and breakthroughs came from it.

👉🏼 And I truly need you all to know that manifesting and creating new things in our lives is not a wishy-washy “let’s hope for the best” kind of approach where some get to strike it and some don’t.

Understanding the role our minds have, together with universal laws at play makes that manifestation game a reliable and steady process to intentionally creating the life we want.

Cheesy, I know. 🧀 But so real!

That is why I am here presenting you this membership, my love.

To provide ongoing support and help in your own journey of mastering the co-creator power in you.

👉🏼 The goal is to get you to you to shift your lenses and confidently know that this life of yours was always meant to be enjoyed – from every angle and approach.

And for that, we start within – always!

I’ll be here, every step of the way, giving you my all to support you in your transformation – knowledge, understandings, resources, creative juices, love, all that you’ll need in your journey.

Because we don’t do it alone and we make it possible!

Who is it for?

This is for you if you…

✨ … have noticed and knows that this manifestation-creating-our-own-life-in-your-own-terms is happening and possible…. but to others, not to “people like me”.

✨ … have managed to have some things created/manifested as you wanted, but they don’t stick around or it happens in just some areas not the others.

✨ … are curious about understanding the forces and energies at play around us that seem so obvious but you can’t quite pinpoint what they are/ what’s going on.

✨ … actually want to have FUN in life and create it intentionally.

✨ … are just fed up with things as they are and are ready to create changes, to create NEW life experiences for yourself.


ok love, let’s be real…

This is a brand new program and I *just* opened it up. There hasn’t been any questions asked and much less “frequently” 😀

What I put together here is a guesstimate of what might be going on in your mind and answers to those potential questions.

👉🏼 Any thing specific you want to know about the program that is not written here, pop your question on this page and I will get back to you right away!

Is it really a new course every quarter?
Yes! We will start with the foundation of it all – Manifestation Basics – and from there as things develop for members we will decide what the focus of the next course will be. I have lots of potential topics hidden in my sleeves but I will definitely choose course topics based on where the group is at the moment and most need.
What if at some point I want to cancel the membership?
You can do it at any time! Although I strongly recommend committing to at least a full quarter as the things we will learn in the course are not a one-time-and-it-is-done kind of thing. This is a lifestyle change and as such it takes consistent and intentional action to integrate, implement and solidify in our lives. Doubts, fears, concerns will come up and having a support system and a place to go to hash those things out is key! 🔑
When is it starting?

The first lesson of the first course will happen on December 17th –  Saturday!

What if I can't attend live any of the course creation or the group calls?

All of them will happen live and be recorded. At any time you can watch them for the first time or re-watch for a refresher. The calls will be there in our private members area available to you as long as you are a member. The courses you will have lifetime access even past your membership – as long as you were a member when the course was first created.

Can I buy the courses only instead of committing to the membership?
Yes, you can! However keep in mind that implementing is the most important factor to get results in any course. The support and accountability to do so will not be available when courses are purchased individually. PLUS!! >> pricing wise, it’s more advantageous to receive the courses as members than to purchase them separately. 💵✨
Are the blog posts and resources the same ones you post on your limetreefruits blog?

No. The blog posts on my main site will keep happening, but the ones related to the course content are private for members only!

I have other questions that are not here!

Got it. Pop them right on this contact form and I’ll get back to you soon with answers!

Raine seemed to know how to break things down into really digestible bites for me to handle and complete. I never felt rushed or pushed to do something other than what was in alignment with me. Raine was super flexible in every possible way.

She always made sure things were very clear and that I felt good about everything we were doing.

Raine seemed to have a sense of just how much would be overwhelming to me and she didn’t let it get to that.


Raine is so incredible! She’s such an amazing strategy coach! My session with her blew me out of the water! I can’t WAIT to implement everything she has taught me and embrace my community while serving them!


I was absolutely blown away with how much I gained out of my session with Raine.

I loved Raine’s warm, bright and open-hearted vibe and nature, she made me feel incredibly comfortable and it was almost like chatting and business brainstorming with an old friend! Everything she advised really hit the mark and resonated with me as the right course of action. I was amazed how much I didn’t know, even after reading so many articles and doing courses.

Raine really helped bridge the gap between the information I’d read, and applying and implementing it. She is a gem!


I can’t understand why anyone would struggle when they can have Raine on their team. I also loved that she believed in my bigger vision, my why. It made me feel super supported. I have aligned to a business I love


It is time, my love!

It is time, my love!

Time to get out of the sidelines and create that life you’ve been dreaming about!

I am freaking excited to see what you will create next in your life!

Because that is a given.👇🏽

You *will* create the lifestyle and experiences you have been wanting for so long!

With the right tools, understandings, lenses, approach and belief system, there is no way other than to have it.

And I’m here walking with you and holding your hand throughout the process ❤️

It is time!