✨All that good stuff around you… so what??

Can you relate to this?

You have been on a roll – life is good, everything is peaceful and steady. You’ve been manifesting what you want in your life just like that, left-n-right, left-n-right!

You think, you {slightly} ask, therefore you receive!

You’ve been feeling oh-SO magical! ✨

You can easily say all is well and life is running smoothly. Nothing to complain after all.

Actually, You CAN’T complain. You don’t allow yourself to do so since all is going good. How dare you complain at all? So many peeps with so much less and you have everything round and working…

Yet…. yet…. all that goodness around you… and the good reasons to NOT complain…. and still….. you feel stuck! Suffocated even because…

That ONE area in your life…. it hasn’t been that great…

It is bugging you.

Truth be told it got a hold of you.

You stress over it.

You think about it way more than you care to admit. {Maybe even obsess a little when you let yourself go? 🤨}

Worse…. it has been keeping you from enjoying all the goodness happening right now.


You beat yourself up because sometimes you get carried away by this *thing* which makes you forget all the other wonderful happenings in your life.

You weren’t “supposed” to be so worried about that.

You feel upset that you get upset 😃

Because you KNOW how SO important it is to focus in the now and to be grateful for all that is happening, yet practicing it had slip through.

Welp, I got sweet news for you, peaches! ✨🍯

You are getting out of that mind-trapping cycle. We are are gonna work through this and get out of that hamster cycle together!

We are REFOCUSING and shifting our perspective TOGETHER!

On July 1st the 5 Day Refocus Challenge starts.

In it, we will RELEASE, LET GO and FOCUS on something else other than that *one* thing that is throwing us off the happiness bandwagon.

We are refocusing on what matters!

Wherever is consuming your thoughts and not letting you enjoy what you have right now, needs a rest.

The Refocus Challenge is here to help us flip perspective and go back to our flow.

For whole 5 days we are committing to give the “not-so-good-topic” a rest, and enjoy life as it is meant to be, happy, easy and flowy – and we’ll do all of this….. together! 🤩

Did I mention it is FREE? Yup! Totally and completely f-r-e-e!

There’s no reason to be left behind, peaches!

For those of you that want to keep the refocus goodness rolling for more than the challenge period you’ll have a chance to do so at the end. If you can’t, still…. don’t miss the opportunity of using those five days to keep a steady re-focus!

It will make a huge difference on how you feel about yourself and everything else going on in your life. 🌸🌿

Sign up right below so you don’t miss it! July 1st is our date! 👯‍♀️


I’ll talk to you again very soon!

Many Smooches,