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✨This Planner was like no other✨📒

ok lovely, let me tell you something….

If you’ve been following my Filofax Saga from the last two last posts, I have some shocking news for you….

The Saga hadn’t REALLY started…. it starts ✨NOW!✨

Whyyyy? 😀

Welp, those initial posts I sent you I wrote {back in the days} genuinely believing that I had found THE two only planners I needed in my life and that I was good to go.

Over time {it didn’t take long! 😀 } I realized that there was so much to discover, explore and experiment in this planner world.

And THAT’s when I intentionally began my Filofax Quest and the Saga officially started.

Today my love, I’m bringing you the official first installment of the Series:

✨ Searching For the Perfect Filofax : Part 1✨

I still remember the deliciousness of holding and squeezing this darling planner in my hands and I so wanted to grab it and squeeze it again right now ❣️

{I’m currently traveling, so can’t pop into my collection and bring it here to my laptop like I did last time 😊}

On that post you’ll find a very very handy feature of this binder that I hadn’t seen in any other one. It’s a weird thing to explain. Not that it has more or less pockets, or a different layout from planners of that same type. It’s something with the texture, size, rings, bulkiness, a combination of them all, I don’t know….

✨The thing is, that planner was very very unique and I couldn’t replicate its practicality in any other one.✨

This is a must read, love! We are getting close to the Get Planned Course enrollment period again and this whole Series is to show you how planner peace IS doable and much easier than you imagine!

And those early Filofax experiments from back in the days was where it all started and how I found my planner peace.

Sooooo, let’s get to it, peaches!

Click right here to read the Part 1 of the Searching for the Perfect Filofax Series, or the image below:

Meet ya over there! :))





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