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Happy new week + new month, my love!

Hope you had a great weekend! :))

Over here mine was juicy, delicious and productive!

Because of a random emoji someone sent me I started craving Brazilian food like crazy. {I’m pretty sure that emoji is not a Brazilian dish but somehow every time I see it I think it is :D}

So Friday night, off I went to obey the wishes of my tummy.

In between lots of yumminess I encountered this predictable yet darling staple of Braz culture:

oooooohohohohohoho a Brazilian expresso! 😀

And it happened not just once but THREE times, people, T-H-R-E-E-E-E-E times!

At 10pm.

Who was crazy wired after that?

Who was bouncing off the walls excited to “get things done”? 😎
Who got home ready to tackle some tasks in “one sitting”?

The kitchen was squeaky clean like it had never been before at midnight and my make up brushes have never looked so good organized by function.

And also?



And not just *any* kind of printable. The apple of my eyes is in there!

The one….

and only….

***drum roll, please***




This printable is like….you can see double!

I mean… imagine seeing double – seeing your daily pages without loosing sight of your entire week!

✨Too good and it IS true!✨

Because {shockingly} I was without {written} words to explain how that unique insert works, I did a video way back when I designed it. And in it my love, I am walking you through how to use this handy double insert.

It is all ready to go for you available on the shop right now!

Watch the video thou, it’s important!

And that is not all!

I have three more designs with a total of SIX more printable inserts for you to get on with your plans for the week!

On the shop today you will find all them week per page inserts as well as week on two pages.

Colorful and fun as LimeTreeFruits always is. 🎨

Come for the party! Click right here or the image below:



Have fun :))

Talk to you again soon!




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