💥When Fear Sneaks In

Happy Hump Day, Lovelies!

Today I have for you, two super important messages that came through this week that I wanted to share.

In both instances I couldn’t go to my laptop right away to blog about it {one of them I had just got out of the shower 😀 } so I did the phone-pointing thing and recorded videos instead. :))

I think you’d love those!

As you can see from the screenshots below it was as usual, very dynamic filled with arm movements 😀
{which I gotta tell you, it does *not* make any easier to grab a decent screenshot, haha}

First one…..

When Breakthroughs Won’t Stick

Ya know when we have those “a-ha” moments, those breakthroughs that makes us think “YEAS! There’s a whole new ME coming out from this!” and then after a few days – sometimes even hours – we feel going backwards again, falling into old patterns as if that breakthrough wasn’t real? As if it didn’t really “stick” per say? Yah, that’s what I’m talking about in the first video.



The second one…..

When Fear Sneaks In…

ooohhh, fear! That little stinker that sneaks up on us and we end up making decisions FROM it – which are never long lasting or beneficial in the long term.

This is what I’m talking about on this video and I also give you one exercise you can do to spot it.{and of course, snap out of it as quickly as possible to go back to your flowy life!}


You’ll love them 💓 Happy Mid-week, lovelies!





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