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✨Everything is up for grabs!🎊

✨Happy new week Sunshine!✨

This jewel of  a quote showed up yesterday on a book I’m reading {cause you know, Sundays! 💆🏻‍♀️} and I had to share it with you – for your Monday reminder✨


👉🏼What we believe on and what we think is possible in our lives *IS* filtered through what we have experienced so far. That perspective is what will keep creating our future – repeating desired AND undesired experiences on and on.

This is not a bad thing at all! It’s so so soooo incredibly reassuring to know that undesirable cycles can be broken.

It’s all in our hands. Every reality we want to experience is up for grabs!

Which is why my love, if we want to create a different story for ourselves, it’s *crucial* that we shift perspective. 

We can’t create new experiences if we keep looking for “examples” in the past to determine what is achievable in the present and future.

✨A PLOT TWIST in our own life is possible and for that to happen we need to learn to REFOCUS on what we want to create – intentionally!

👉🏼That’s what the ✨refocus challenge✨ is going to do for us!

FIVE days working through *together* on refocusing on what matters to create that new life we’ve been quietly hoping for.
{About time, don’tcha think? 😏}

Oh! And I forgot to mention….. WE HAVE A DATE!  A SUPER special day!

We are starting on….

✨✨✨June 14th – THIS Friday✨✨✨

My Bday! 🎂🎊

What better way than to celebrate *together*, ya? 😀

🔗Get in there, love! Sign up for our Refocus Party to get that Plot Twist in your story started!

🌸Did I mention it’s totally FREE? Ya, add that too to the fun mix as well😎

Enter your info below and you are in!

See ya in there!




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