I Am The Woman of My Dreams

Happy International Women’s Day, you beautiful you!

Hope you are doing amazing entering the last month of the first quarter of the year. Wowzers! ✨

Over here as things usually go, I have a plan and then in a heart beat I do a plot twist and change directions just like that ? {snapping finger sound right here}

‘Member that juicy trip I barely scratched the surface on telling you its awesomeness by blogging here and creating a special Wallpaper Set titled “Nailed It”?

So yeah, the woman that organized that event – Maru Iabichuela – powerfully amazing that she is, is back again taking over our monthly packet once more! And she doesn’t even know it ?

March freebie packet was all about connection with your body and me sharing my experiences around it for the last few months.

Packet created and all, blog post shaping up to be sent over the weekend and then a few hours ago….

I saw this one live stream that got me on fire.

I quickly change gears and rolled up my sleeves to get things rolling.

This month my love, you are getting the whole Wallpaper PLUS an extra printable for your planners all about YOU already being the Woman of your Dreams!

But before you get into the goodies, sweets, click play on her live stream. You won’t regret it!

Less than 9mins of your day to remind you of your amazingness ✨???



Now, equip all your gadgets with that ‘lil reminder right below…



And then!!!!

Get on to spelling it all out about how YOU are already the woman of your dreams! Shamelessly!

Put it all on paper – whichever size you choose ?



To download those lovelies just click on the size you prefer below:

LimeTreeFruits.com // Space Clearing

Let’s keep shining our own light to keep changing the world, shall we? ??
Talk to you again soon!






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