How are those new year goals coming along?

Happy New Week, Beautiful!!!

How are those new year goals coming along?
And the Joy Jar and the Gratitude practice?

I know, I know SO much goodness to add to our routine! It gets overwhelming – even those things that are meant to lighten up our days, end up piling up too much.

BUT….. as I always say…

BABY-STEPS gets us far!

And a ‘lil eye-candy support is never too much to help us keep those commitments light, airy and FUN, ya? :))

Soooo my dear, here I present you juuuust in…..

Your ‘Bestest’ Goal’s Ally Printables Up on The Shop!



  • But First You….
    All about prioritizing yourself EVERYDAY! That self-care IS doable on a daily basis. Really! 🙂
  • A Prayer Needed
    A printable to list all your loved ones who you keep in your thoughts and want to dedicate a prayer for.
  • Today I’m – oh, so – grateful for
    Gratitude! That simple yet SO effective tool to raise our vibrations, get out of a funky mood and bring on goodness all around!
  • All the Goodness in My Life
    Even MORE Gratitude!!! It is never too much, it is always needed and it will always flip things around for the better.
  • Goals With Soul
    Didja make a list of all those things you want to achieve this year? GREAT! Time to get real here and make the path as easy and fun as possible.
  • Journaling :: Getting it All Out on Paper
    So important to organize the messy thoughts in our head, flying around non-stop! Journalling is an effective tool to clear up space in our heads and allow thoughts and ideas to come together
  • Ho’ponopono :: Letting Go & Forgiving
    Letting go and forgiving is SO crucial to our journey and to move forward, specially the hard things to let go – don’t underestimate the power of this one!


{side note: if you need a different size then the one linked here, once in the shop click in the sidebar to the right that specific size you need}


In case you didn’t know…

The ENTIRE shop and many many more printables not posted in the shop or anywhere else are included in the LimeTreeFruits Printable Packet

150+ Printable Planner Pages all yours with a huuuuuuge discount when purchased all together!

Take a peek:

Way better than waiting for each single printable to be uploaded to the shop and getting them one by one here and there, huh? 😀

Come on over to the shop to see all the new items posted to help you be on top of your goals.

{or right here to go straight for the entire collection}

You will LOVE them! :))

Many Smooches,

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