Hi pic 450Hey there, Raine here! 🙂

Artist & Illustrator, full time optimistic that happens to LOVE connecting with people, blogging, and ….. *gasp* marketing!

I know, crazy, right? An all-around creative actively geeking out about how to promote oneself, sales, leads and conversion? Nope, not crazy at all love.

I believe promoting has had a pretty bad rep for decades due to well….. bad marketing and bad promotion.

I am here to show how human, relatable, of service and truly community driven your work out in the world can be.

Oh, and of course,  I am here to make art. Tons of it! As I create them it gets sprinkled all over the blog and sent to your inbox as well.
And the Filofax talk? Consistently happening in the corridors. Don’t miss it! 😀

Now tell me sweets, how can I help you today?

    art ready     planners ready

If you are in a hurry and want to come back later to check things out hop on the list and I will send you some juicy stuff to get started. I’ll see ya in your inbox. 😉


Many Smooches,