Blog Ready Challenge

2015BlogReadyChallenge Header blogCan you relate to it?

  • You started your blog and read/heard tips here and there, tried to implement those tips, tossed things around the sidebar, the homepage, anywhere and everywhere that fitted just to keep going?
  • OR you have been meaning to start a blog for ages but totally felt lost about the components of it and how to create a very engaging blog so you just postponed?

I hear you, I hear you! Been there done that.

And I am here I am to tell you……

We are getting our blog in shape NOW!

And for that my dear I am challenging you! 🙂 I am challenging you to join me in the #2015BlogReady Challenge.

One baby step at a time we can make it happen!

One day after the other for 10 days we will tweak, modify, adjust, adapt and create a delicious, enticing and engaging e-home for your readers {and soon-to-be clients!}.

I have a plan all mapped out to get us there!

Starting TODAY you will focus on daily strategies and tasks to make it happen.

For 10 days I will be sending you daily emails with concepts and instructions on how to get your ducks-in-a-row blog wise. 

It is totally FREE by the way.

{Almost forgot to mention that. 😉 }

Are you up for the challenge?
Making your blog more appealing to your readers in 10 lovely days?

{Did I just hear you say “challenge accepted” a la Barney Stinson? Haha :D}

YAY! I heard it! I knew it! {giggles}
It will be WAY more fun to do this together! The more the merrier. :)))

Sooo add your info below to make it official and enter the challenge:

Get ready for your blog makeover!

I will see you soon in your inbox. 😉