Pretty in Pink {and Blue} – weekly printables!

OK, ok, I’ll admit. It’s a relief to start moving all my printables from the member’s area to the Etsy shop. But I gotta tell ya, it is so.freaking.annoying to not be able to write something, post a pic to illustrate, then write some more, post another pic.

The pic carousel that Etsy has, is cute and all but oh, what a pain to not be able to write anything IN it!

That’s what blogs are for, right? We get full control of how to present things, so I’m here to show you another series of the printables that I created and then direct you to the download page in the Etsy shop.

Always a way to work around things. {I’m so smart! 😀 }

Sooo, let’s get started.

I seriously challenged myself to go a little different this time.

Boldness + colors, YES, but setting a different tone and a different mood.

Can you see how light and breezy this series turned out?


“Baby-blue” and “baby-pink”.

Who’d have thought? 😀 And I LOVE it!
Plus room for notes and todos at the bottom:


And plenty of room for appointments and doodling in the white boxes:


I feel calmer just by looking at them. ♥

And of course, I didn’t stop there!
The same Light + Breezy feel had to be translated into a week on two page view.

Pretty in Pink {and Blue} – week on two pages

All the same dreamy gorgeous colors but this time spread out on two pages!

A special box for appointments and extra room for notes:


A whole page just for to-dos all related to each specific day of the week:


And the – oh, so crucial! – journaling pages and debrief pages:


Yep, wrapping up your week by writing about what worked well, what didn’t and how to move forward, will help you shape up your new week and set the right tone for it. ♥

Care to give it a try? 🙂

Riiight here my dear you can get the Week in One Page layout or by clicking the pic below



And riiiight here the same light + breezy feel on two pages ready for ya!



Have loads of fun! 🙂


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