Planning Your Days

Happy Tuesday sweets!

How did you spend your lovely weekend?

I spent it in Portland, OR attending a beyond-this-world “casual” get together called The World Domination Summit.
And what is it, you ask. I know clicking on the link you can barely have a clue of what this is all about. The thing is even attendees couldn’t really define it! 😀
I will put it as a get-together to change yourself, change mind-sets, change your environment and consequently the world around you. {you can’t expect less than that with such a name! 😉 }

Anyway, I won’t share all my experiences and thoughts on it just now because I still need time to process and let things sink in.

What I definitely need to share with you is that:
**People, you don’t go to a World Domination Summit without A PLAN!**
Insane, right?
Well, I did just that.  And it cost me tons of great experiences, speakers and insights. Darn.

You see, the event was jam-packed with activities of all kinds. All happening {what seemed to me} at once. So I jumped in there with my best “I will see what I do later” attitude.  I did not plan my days and missed a lot. Really, missed it. Not just a random feeling of too much going on because I can’t be everywhere at the same time. I literally missed one of the workshops I SO wanted to attended. All because I didn’t plan my days. Argh!

Anyway as some of you had asked, I put together a printable that oh, I so wish I had had that with me over the weekend!

A daily planner: // daily sheets printable

 Wouldn’t that beauty be a handy tool on a very busy weekend when you are planing to dominate the world? 😀

Better now then never, right?

As always, very straight forward to use.

To the left you can add appointments and other time blocks:

daily sheets4


To the right, your to-dos for the day: // daily sheets printable


Notes at the end: // daily sheets printable


But most importantly sweets, we need the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Even on those crazy ones that didn’t go as planned. And to accomplish that don’t forget to add to the star box that ONE most important thing you want to accomplish today. Keep focused on that one doesn’t matter what  happen! // daily sheets printable


Psssst - this printable is now part of the LimeTreeFruits 2015 Planner Packet. Click the banner below to sign up or get more info. ;)


Please, sweetheart, make your days less chaotic and don’t assume {like I did} that things are going to be predictable and magically falling into place just because it is a weekend 😀

Ah, another tip:  three hour flight may not be all you need to catch up with your sleep. // daily sheets printable


I am off to do just that!



Planning Your Days — 42 Comments

  1. Oh wow Raine! Just… Wow 🙂

    I think this will need to replace my boring day per page planner hehe.

    Quick question though: how do you print on the personal “other side”? Do you need to reset the margins or something?

    Thank you once again for your beautiful artwork 🙂



  2. Raine, you did it!
    I can’t tell you how excited I am at this. I can’t wait until I can try them out.

    I hope that, regardless of you not ‘planning the weekend’, you got what you needed out of it and great things result. Because you are so generous with what you give out freely, you deserve it.


    • Yes!!!! Al done! 😀
      You are soooo sweet, Julia thank you! It was an awesome weekend even if chaotic. Tons of fun and getting inspired all day long! 😉

  3. you’re a super star! somehow you managed to combine all my preferences in that template (schedule on the left, to do on the right, checkboxes on the left, most important task on top)
    soo trying these for the rest of the week 🙂

  4. Hello Raine,
    I just love your work. They brighten up my day, using your diary pages makes life much easier. My filofax just Looks the best, it’s an eye-catcher. I can’t wait to print and use.
    Thank you.


  5. Hello gorgeous Raine,
    As usual you’ve outdone yourself and these are beautiful! While I usually just use my diary to sort out my day, I’m going to give these a go because we all deserve to have such beauty in our day. Glad you enjoyed WDS! It sounds fantastic – and very happy to benefit from you’re aim to be more organised next time.
    Thank you 🙂 xxx

  6. I wish I knew you were in the Pacific Northwest. I would have loved to take you for coffee.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new daily pages! Sometimes things just get too complicated for me and I have to use daily pages to not got insane.

  7. I just love love love your site!!! I’m so glad I found you! Thank you so much for all you do! I could never come up with this on my own and now my planner can stop being quite so UGLY!!! BIG HUGS!!!

  8. These are such beautiful pages…thanks, Raine. And I can’t wait to hear about your stories from WDS 2013. You rock! Oh, BTW, are you planning on attending again next year?

  9. i love your all your freebies..and really want to say thank you for being so generous 🙂
    just wondering, what kind of printer do you use? may i know the exact type? i’ve printing your freebies on black and white recently and really want to start to print this in color..

  10. Love your artwork. I just wish it came in pocket size as that is the only one I am trying now at this time. I want a personal but I think it will to heavy in my bag and as I need to carry three pairs of glasses in it the pocket is really the best for me. I look forward to your next post. Thank you

  11. Raine, thank you so much for making these gorgeous inserts! I just printed some to try for the next couple days. I’m happy to say that these are the first day per page inserts I have ever used. I’m very excited to give them a go; they have everything I could want!

    Thanks for being so generous!

  12. Raine. I’m having the most difficult time printing your beautiful pages. I read your article & watched your video on paper cutting. I had a ream of paper cut in half. My paper size was 8.5″ x 11″ (U.S.) When cut that should be the A5 size correct? When I selected that size to print from your menu, it printed wrong. I have my printer set for half page printing. Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I truly want to get this right as your work is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much,
    Diana 🙂

  13. Let me start with a positive: I love all of the printables you create, Raine. This one, however, has a mistake: 12 noon is 12 p.m., not a.m. <3

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