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Oh, yeah, there is more!

Bonus #1

Our Facebook group!

A closed and exclusive Facebook group where LimeTreeFruits Members get to reeeeeaallly embrace the planner ‘craze’. 😀 {Which is not ‘craze’ at all by the way. You just need to find the right peeps to hang and chat about. 😉 } LimeTreeFruits Planners Facebook group is a supportive and FUN online hub to share ideas, planner layouts, get inspired and let the planner love speak strong and loud.

Bonus #2

Tail waggles! 😀

One thing I must assure you is that when a self-proclaimed cat lady starts openly obsessing about beagles {what? DOGS! Moi? 😀 } you reeeeaaally need to pay attention.

There has been this urge inside of me since I stumbled upon The Beagle Freedom Facebook page.

I obsessed {and dropped tears} over their videos, their stories, their mission.

Which is rescuing and finding homes for beagles used in laboratory research.


Screen_Shot_2014-09-18_at_5.56.26_AM (1)

Soooo…. I started donating to them and decided to get sneaky on you. 😀

Without you knowing {although I am telling you now} YOUR planner money is going to help them as well.
5% of every sale is going to The Beagle-Sweet-As-Pie Rescue. {Ya, I just renamed the whole project. 😀 }

How easy and awesome IS THAT? You get all the bonuses and goodies of LimeTreeFruits Planner Planners AND help BEAGLES get close to freedom and hopefully add some true tail waggling into their lives.

Don’t wait a minute longer my love! Get in there now.

PLUS: Three packets to choose from::::

Option 1 :: The core 2015 planners for those on a budget yet ready to get things done in 2015
Option 2 :: The core AND the extra goodies {*ahem* 30+ extras totaling 150+ pages of printables!}
Option 3 :: All the above PLUS a 1:1 session with ME to sort out your planner systems, find solutions for the struggly parts and come up with a plan to make your planners work for YOU!

Talk about juiciness! 😀


{pssst – due to the digital nature of this product all sales are final.}

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Super-excited to see ya in the member’s area!  😉

Many Smooches,