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First Part


Collage Ready 150


Fourth Part

And how much is all that juicy packet to provide to all your planner needs throughout the year?

only $50

I know, right? Insane deal! 😀

Here is what peeps have been talking about:





Oh, yeah, there is more!

Our Facebook group

A closed and exclusive Facebook group where LimeTreeFruits Members get to reeeeeaallly embrace the planner ‘craze’. 😀

{Which is not ‘craze’ at all by the way. You just need to find the right peeps to hang and chat about. 😉 }

LimeTreeFruits Planners Facebook group is a supportive and FUN online hub to share ideas, planner layouts, get inspired and let the planner love speak strong and loud.

Don’t wait a second later my love! Let’s get that planner fun rolling like crazy! 😀



psssst – due to the digital nature of the product {meaning once you have it you can’t “ship it” back} all sales are final.
Make sure you are really loving LimeTreeFruits Planners’ concept before signing up. 😉

After your purchase I will receive a notification, you will get an email confirmation as well and we roll from there.

Deal? Awesomesauce! Your planner will thank you! 🙂

See ya on the other side.


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