Paint Party Friday and DIY Watercolor Set

Happy Friday Everyone!

Isn’t it always so exciting to start a new weekend? hehe

It has been a looong time I don’t participate on the Paint Party Friday and so here I am to say “hi” to those lovely peeps engaged on it πŸ™‚


So, art-wise I have been very busy finishing up my second calendar.
If you missed the first one, you can find it right here —-> Monthly Calendar
And the second one here —-> Weekly/Daily calendar.

So now, that they are all done and released to have fun in the world I finally had time to finish a few other projects. Painting included! πŸ˜€ A simple one is this one:

Watercolor Dragonfly

I started it a long time ago, it was missing just tad bits of touch ups and finally I feel it is done πŸ™‚ And it came outΒ much betterΒ then I thought! hehe

Another thing is that I finally put together my DIY watercolor tin.
A while back I was obsessed in searching and figuring out how to make my own “on-the-go” set.
We were traveling a lot during summer months and I wanted something portable. Now seriously, who said my watercolor set is not portable? πŸ˜€
And the brushes! I just tucked into a travel tooth-paste kit like that:

Brush & Pencil Kit

So I let it go, because there was no point on obsessing over those cute Altoid cans *sight*.

ok….months passed and I stumbled upon a ASW Express Lukas Sale! Yay! SO excited to add new colors and experiment some more!

I picked a few goodies and patiently waited for them to arrive *tap fingers*

Meanwhile, I had to find a solution to accommodate them.

During the DIY-watercolor-tin frenzy, I found this video Β —->Β DIY Watercolor setΒ 

I LOVED the idea of a pencil case andΒ I remembered Β using the 3 layers one as a kid and couldn’t resist to chase them down again. I found a few options and picked out that cutie-pie:

3 Layers Pencil Tin Case

A real three-layerd one, like the good ol’ times! πŸ™‚

So the Lukas paint finally got here:

Lukas watercolor

They immediately got comfortable and started taking their coats and *more* out:

Lukas Watercolor

All showing off their gifts:

Lukas watercolor

Β As we were all getting along pretty well, I started customizing their bottoms! HA!

Cutting the magnetic strip

A perfect magnetic fit:

Look at all them lined up and wearing their shoes:

Lukas Watercolor

And then, all placed inside:

Watercolor tin can

REALLY safely attached:

Watercolor Tin

And plenty of room for some more color!

In the middle layer I added some small brushes:


But because they are just a few, I replaced it with pencils:


And the top layer (that decorated one showed above) I will put the brushes when we go on a trip to carry all together. Right now it has nothing in it, so I get to look at the cute bunny πŸ˜€

And here it is closed but filled with juicy items:

Watercolor Tin

Hope you guys are all having an amazing Friday and beginning of the weekend!




Paint Party Friday and DIY Watercolor Set — 32 Comments

  1. what a darling setup!!! of course I remember using those cutesy pencilcases, I still have one lying around!! I adore your kit, so well made! lovely art as well.

  2. what a beautifully vibrant journal page!! I love how you’ve made yourself the perfect little travel kit too πŸ™‚ Happy PPF!

  3. Once again, a girl after my own heart, managed to combine my favorite watercolors & craft journaling….so adorable little feet – I’ve been playing with the idea of reusable Altoid or any type of tins…and this is the perfect use – especially to keep in my journal – challenging myself to paint a little something everyday – one day I’ll be cute as Paul Brent! (all things beachy for me)
    Thank you for sharing!

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