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✨🍭This eye-candy Filofax is still in use today✨


✨Happy new week, Sunshine! ☀️😀

Hope you had an excellent weekend!

It is Monday and we all can do with some delicious eye-candy to feast our planner cravings, yah?

This one post here is a droll-all-over-the-screen kind of post where I’m showing you what was made out of the Gods-sent-planner called Baroque  Filofax.✨❣️

It is the only planner set up from my early years in the planner world that is still intact and in use till this day.

This my love, is what happens when we truly understand our own needs and their relationship with our planners.

I didn’t know that at that time thou. It would still take me many attempts with other day-to-day planners to go back to this juicy core truth: my needs, preferences, and lifestyle define how I use my planners to support my long and short term vision. Not the other way around. No system, layout or set up from someone else can be helpful in my life and way of being. So counterproductive that is!

👉🏼All the steps I took to peel the layers and create a system that works for me, once and for all, are spelled out in the Get Planned course which just re-launched over the weekend.

✨In it, I’ll guide you on creating something unique to you and you only, to finally let go of the planner struggle and focus on the FUN part of it!✨

No amount of color pens, stickers, random doodling will ever disrupt that system which keeps you focused on your goals. The freedom to play around with planners while staying grounded on the core of your system….. Can you imagine? 😀 It’s real love, very much real!

👉🏼💵Right now the Get Planned Course is at 40%off discount PLUS some juicy bonuses including ANOTHER planner training called ‘Make Any Planner Work For You!’ << This one is available to you right away once you sign up!

You can read about it all and check the other bonuses right here or the image below:



And then of course, don’t forget to come back and peek at this glorious Filofax specimen right below 🤩


Have fun! :))





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