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🥀I neglected you!✨

I’m so sorry, love but I totally and completely neglected you and the blog this past week! :-/

The doors to the Get Planned Course were just re-opened and I was to come here this whole week to talk more about it and give you more details on it, tell you what is happening in the inside because….. the first module was dropped…. TODAY!!!! 😀

✨The course is a whole EIGHT WEEKS all about planners and the systems that work to make it happen to our life style.

With the course starting today, the price would go back up 40% AND special bonuses would be gone!

Totally, totally my bad for not letting you now this sooner, Raine! Huge apologies, love!

❣️And of course I am NOT going to let you hanging like this!

The doors will stay open to new members until next Saturday the 21st when Module 2 drops in! YEAS!!!! 😀

You’re still on time to get in and start working on your module 1 right away! But I wouldn’t wait, love!

This is for you who saw my first email notification about it, was thinking on signing up but was waiting for more info about it to make a decision {ugh! my bad!} and so here I am with that extra info! {Better late then never, ya? :D}

✨Soooo, there is still time to get in with the 40% discount AND WITH BOTH NEW bonuses too!!!!✨

  • The Make Any Planner Work For You Training {so so juicy!}
  • A 1:1 private Session with me focused on YOUR planner system {and/or anything you need help with!My brains is all yours!}



…running the numbers:

  • Get Planned Course + Bonuses:: $175
    {over 40% off! — you pay $97}
  • Make Any Planner Work For You Training:: $47
    {totally free! — you pay $0 }
  • Session with Me:: $120
    {NOOOO charge! — you pay $0}

TOTAL:: $342
You pay all that? Nope!

✨You pay only = $97✨


Once you sign up you will get IMMEDIATE FULL ACCESS to the Make Any Planner Work for You AND the very.first.module of The Get Planned Course!

Lemme tell you love, the first module dropped a couple hours ago and we are going AT it to make things happen! 😀

❣️First, we are sorting out our to do list like there’s no tomorrow! #GettingItDone
❣️And then, of course getting very clear on where we are going with it, hence goals #GoalSetting

For all that to happen, there must be yummy-eye-candy-fun-to-work-it printables! How wouldn’t? 😀

✨A whole new set of new planner inserts were just dropped in as well!✨

There is no reason for you to be left out, love! Savings + Bonus and all!

Click right here on this link to join us!

✨See you inside!✨





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