Leonie Surprises AGAIN!! {Yep, I am on her site again! ❤ }


This is too exciting!!!!! Get your Filofax reaaaaddyyyyyy!!!!

Leonie’s Year Planning & Calendar Workbook was just released!

Oh, and it gets better!

Not only she created the Life Edition but also a BUSINESS EDITION.

And you know the BEST part of it all?

I am IN it!

*aham* explaining further….. My testimonial is in it!! Right there in the Workbook Page.
Yep, yep, yep! How fun is that? 😀

{Ah, in case you are wondering about the title – “I am on her site again” – it refers to my juicy Filofax post that she mentioned on a blog post  a few months ago. Of course, I recorded it here on my blog  —> Leonie’ Surprises }

So, I have been this WHOLE week refreshing the Goddess Circle page every single day to see the news because I knew the Circle would be receiving the books right away.

hehe, I was already super-excited with the release and then while waiting for the downloads, I started reading the page *giggles* and there I saw Frankie & I (my sweet cat) on her page! Yay!

Go check it out peeps! —-> 2013 Create Your Incredible Year WorkBook

Now really, go check it out, not just because my darling testimonial is there but because her workbook is just plain worth it!

Look at that gorgeousness:

I can’t wait to set it up!
And of course a Filofax post will follow on that 😉

Smooches to you all and Happy Thanksgiving! ❤


Leonie Surprises AGAIN!! {Yep, I am on her site again! ❤ } — 4 Comments

  1. Congrats!!!! *slow mo high five* and YAY!!!
    I love this post, it allowed me to be all giggly and excited with you *kermit arm flail*
    I can’t wait to check out the workbook 🙂 The Goddess Circle just keeps
    getting betterer and betterer!
    Shine you clever craft crazy creative chick Shine 😉

  2. so…. I´m really not sure about what EXACTLY it is, but 2 minutes ago I ordered the Combo Pack and I´m very excited now how it looks like!!!

    I just had to follow you. I always liked how positive you are, even if I don´t know you in person. Just with your posts you always reach something deep inside that involves me into your random “now I´m crazy about that”-nes hahahah

    I say thank you for the hint and will let you know how I like it


    • Hi Nina,
      I am very glad my positiveness and excitement is getting into people 😀
      Yes, please, let me know about your workbook, picture them, blog about them! I now learned how to use google translator when I visit your blog, btw {hehe}

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