I’m coming out of the closet!

closet door


I am coming out of the closet, puddin’!

I admit thou, it might be so obvious that I think I’ve replaced the regular wooden closet door for a glass door in my sleep a while back. ‘Cause you’ve been having sneak peaks about it for a long time. haha 😀

But before I get to that, I have something else juicy to tell you as well.

Have I ever mentioned to you how I intentionally pushed art OUT of my life for almost 15 years?

If you have been following LimeTreeFruits for a few years you already heard a bit of my story on reconnecting with it.

But have I ever told you how painful art used to be for me?

Yeah, I didn’t tell you, I know….. cause the topic is all too sensitive for me and I kept it closed in tight for all those years.

Till now. :))

Ya see, we ask and the opportunities show. Synchronicity!

There’s this amazing month gathering happening right now where 31 working artists talk about what it really means to be an artist.

I’m super-proud to say that I’m part of the lovely group writing about it and this Friday {May 27th} my article is coming out.

And THAT sweets, was the perfect opportunity for me to finally start talking about the topic and getting it out of chest.

For the first time evah I’m talking about art + pain. And how it has been for me.

All the juicy content is being exclusevely delivered to peeps inboxes. Can’t find the articles on blogs or nowhere else.

Soooo my dear, get on the list to start receiving all the juice convinently delivered to you. And keep your eyes peeled for Friday where I’ll be the one taking on the mic. 😀
PLUS all the past articles you missed will be sent to you as an e-book once the whole series is complete.

How awesome is that? Answer: Very!

Click right on this link or the image below to sign up and hear/read my story:

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Now, let’sget to the closet thing, ya?

Ready for the big official announcement?

I am coming out of the WOO WOO closet. ♥

What does that even mean, I hear you ask. 😀


“Woo woo” is me embracing that word people use to refer to the crazy hippie peeps that are all about sparkles, unicorns and rainbows. The word is used sometimes in a derogatory way but I don’t see it that way so I’m using it regardless.

Now, rainbows and unicorns are all nice and well but really what I mean by that is the deep inner work we do and the connection with the divine.

I couldn’t have navigated those last 4 years of my life hadn’t I surrendered to all that light and goodness we have within, which connect us all.

My whole life I was a woo person, that’s true. We never really disconnect from the divine, that’s true too. But being aware and consciously expanding it? The last 4 yrs have been crucial for that.

If you have been following LimeTreeFruits, here and there you might have noticed me talking about it once in a while. And still….. even on those once in a while moments, I held back. I held back because I don’t think that’s what you expect me to talk about, so I didn’t.

And that my dear is not a way to show ourselves to the world, right? Half-way, or just a bit of it, or with certain conditions.

Spiritual things are HUGE and ESSENTIAL part of my day-to-day life so it is time that LimeTreeFruits reflect that as well.

From now on, expect me to talk more openly about that.
{If that doesn’t float your boat, and you are leaving LTF blog for good, no offense taken! }

Oh yeah, and I have started talking a bit about it already. On Instagram there is. My following there is way smaller than of my blog so I feel more comfortable posting over there about that. Baby-steps, huh? 🙂

Then, as those things go, here I am thinking about “coming out of the woowoo closet” when one of the most dearest and closest to my heart topic started showing up repeatedly like that.


First in the form of a need itself. Events kept happening that I’d need to get “down on the mat” {meaning down to the yoga mat, doing that kind of inner work 🙂 } and do the change within and forgive people and situation as they were happening. Yup, fresh new situations, not old buried stuff. As they happened I was quick to get rid of the icky feelings ’cause now I know better than to hang on to it.

Then, a lovely friend posted something that hit home so much for me. It reminded me of how I used to look at forgiveness.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.33.53 AM


And finally, the one and only that was able to explain to me what forgiveness is truly about, popped up in my inbox talking about…. forgiveness.

You see, I never truly like that forgiveness thing. I always felt it was unfair for the other person to be “off the hook” if they had wronged me.

A few years ago when I first heard that “forgiveness is about YOU” I was appalled. I was pissed actually.

“Say what?! They mess up with me and now you are turning this all back to me again? Forgiveness is on ME? THEY have to apologize first, for crying out loud!!”

Only fair, right?

Well, finally at some point someone explained it all in a way that rang bells in my head.

That forgiveness is to release the bitterness, anger, and resentment that makes my life heavy and that forgiving someone is for my own well-being not theirs. Which does not mean the person is welcome into my life to do wherever he/she did all over again. With forgiveness I release the heavy shackles, I move on lighter with my life and all that had happened is truly behind me. Including the person – if needs to be.

Sparkles went all over my head when I finally grasp this concept.

And the darling person that lift that sad fog from in front of me?

Rev. Erin-Ashley Kerti from Spiritual Mechanic.

Why am I telling you all this by the way?

Because my love, this is the PERFECT topic for my coming-out-of-the-WooWoo-closet PAR-TAY. Ya see, I reposted that quote on forgiveness on Instagram and in that same day I got an email that Rev. Kerti had opened up enrollment in her Forgiveness Course with PAY WHAT YOU CAN prices.

Can you believe this?

Years ago I signed up for that exact same course through that exact same offer she did and I really feel called to pass it on – more peeps able to forgive others/situations/events make for happier people, happier interaction with others, happier environments , happier and better world.

Forgiveness is SO misunderstood. It is easier done than said. {No not a typo here.} And oh, sweets! It’s such a powerful catalyst for life changes. Really. ♥

Wherever I can do to get peeps on board with it, I will do it.

So really there is no better time than right now to let go of that heavy load that have been holding you back.

Here on this link you can read more about what Rev. Kerti’s Forgiveness Program is >>>> Forgiveness Program
Which you will also see the regular price of it. Don’t click that buy button just yet.

Click on this button here to Make your offer >>>> Pay What You Can

And let’s get healing the world one person at a time, shall we?

Starting with ourselves, of course! ♥

Many Loving Smooches,

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ppssttt – don’t forget that my article on how pain and art relate in my life is coming up tomorrow! Sign up to receive it in your inbox. 🙂




I’m coming out of the closet! — 4 Comments

  1. Raine, love you and your work loads but the “coming out of the closet” language is not very sensitive. The struggles that people face when they come out as gay/trans are huge and using that phrase for something as trivial as this demeans their struggle.

    • Hi Jazzle, thanks for your comment. This is not a trivial thing for me. It was not easy at all to write nor to make this post public. This is something very close to my heart, a huge part of me that defines my identity which I forcefully shut down for years. My whole life I struggled with not being able to put myself out there as a whole, hiding a crucial side of me and yes, that’s exactly why I used that analogy. I can’t tell the pains each person goes through for themselves but because the spirituality topic is easy, natural and “trivial” for some that doesn’t mean it isn’t charged and full of fears for others.

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