“I can only tell it to my Filofax” is Printable!

LimeTreeFruits.com // I can only tell it to my Filofax

Hello sweeties!

Last week a genius idea was posted in the comments of one of my posts and of course I just had to put it in practice!

‘member  when I created one of the buttons specifically for Filofax posts?

Well, the genius idea was to make it a printable file to actually put on a Filofax!

But of course! How it didn’t occur to me?

YES! So I resurrected the old file, added a frame to give it a little-something, resized for personal and A5 size and ta-daaaaa!

LimeTreeFruits.com // I can only tell it to my Filofax


Looking good, huh?

Now let’s see it in action. Right behind my journaling tab there it is:



How appropriate for a journaling section, huh? 😉

Now click below to download the size of your preference and let me know where/how you are using it!

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Much love and smooches,
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“I can only tell it to my Filofax” is Printable! — 14 Comments

  1. OMG you are amazingly creative.
    Thanx for sharing this with us….
    Love you big time 🙂
    Xoxo from The Netherlands

  2. Hi Raine!

    I think you are so creative!Love your filofax inserts. They look so nice in my filo ;).

    I have a request….could you make a wish list, or maybe something like special events/birthday insert?That would be so awesome! I like to hear from you!

    Many many thanks from the Netherlands as well!

  3. Thank you so much for all of your creativity. Am a Make Up Artist and have just purchased my first filofax to organise my life, and I love all your stuff xx

  4. Hi Raine, I’m a newbie to Filofax, I have two Deep Pink Dominoes, a pocket and a personal. I printed the I can only tell it to my filofax in personal size. I put it on a piece of card stock. I label it Mental Illness, I have Bipolar disorder. I have a place to write on the go. Thanks so much Vickie

    • Hi Vickie I’m new to filofaxing aswell I have a paperchase a5 planner. Have you been using your mental health section? Has it helped at all? I’ve got bipolar too I’m going to add thst section to my filofax – thanks for the idea : )

  5. I love it!!! Thank you so much <3 I'm a newbie to Filofax and I love your designs. I was wondering if you take requests because I'm a proud crazy cat lady and I would love to have cats on my Filofax sheets!

  6. Raine
    Thank you so much for making available these lovely printable. Also the
    freebies too! That is so kind of you to offer those! I’m just getting into the Filofax and the lovely print outs. I will enjoy browsing on your website
    Kind regards

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