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FREE Filofax Health Tracker //


Hello lovely!

I am late, I know. 🙁

I am crabby too – now you know! 😀

Really, I am so so crabby that I don’t want to mess up your day with my crabbiness so I decided right up front to show you the new freebie I have been working on. Snap it and run! {Crabbiness is contagious!}

Here it is a Health Tracker because!

FREE Filofax Health Tracker //

Cute and different, huh? 😀 “How do you use it”, I hear you ask.

Very simple sweets, very simple! Let’s look at it again:

FREE Filofax Health Tracker //


Each circle has an element respective to a health routine, a pink box and the “x” for how many servings/cups/hours/etc was your daily intake. Write in there the daily intake amount. Add the date and you are done! That’s it!  Super-simple!
Oh, and I included some extra boxes for other items of your routine not listed there. 😉

The downloads are right below. Click one of the social media buttons and the downloads will magically appear! 

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If the magic didn’t happen as planned and the box is still locking the content, fill out your info below and I will send you the download by email right away:

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Okey dokey, for the brave ones sticking around and reading till the end, my crabbiness might show off – I warned you! 😀

If you are leaving I totally get it! Who wants a crabby person around? 😕

So why am I crabby, you ask.
It is totally related to the above mentioned Healthy Day sheet. Actually lack thereof.

While creating the printable and adding categories, I realized NONE of them were included in my routine lately. Besides water – ’cause you know, it’s impossible to not drink water by the gallons under 90 degrees.
But the rest…. oh, the rest! ALL MISSING!

No wonder I crashed.
This one hit hard for me:

FREE Filofax Health Tracker //

I have been neglecting it so badly! It is even embarrassing.

I was on a time crunch last month to release Tiny Creative Chefs. Now I am back to a self-imposed deadline to get the Calendars for 2014 ready.

Not doing a good job taking care of myself. When I most need it! *sigh*

On those situations my back is usually the first one to crash.
No, actually headaches come first, then stomachaches and all that. The thing is when my back decides to show me “the way”, oh dear, it gets ugly! I have to listen to it and I respect it.

I know I am stretching and going overboard when my back needs to get into it.

The other day my friend Nina from  The Chaotic Perfectionist sent me a quote {translated from German, how fancy is that? ;)} which is perfect to illustrate my back’s role in the process. Here it is:

“You go first”, said the soul to the body,
“’cause to me she isn’t listening.”
“Alright”, said the body,
“I’m going to get ill, then she’ll have time for you.”

Isn’t it {sadly} beautiful and true? Our body always give us the alert when the soul needs TLC.
I can totally see my body chitchating like that for weeks with my soul and at the end adding:

“ya know what? I am bringing in the big guns! BACK” my body yells
“we need you to get in there and get in hard ’cause she is being a stinky stubborn this time”

HA! And then Raine gets a back crisis again. *sigh*

Fine, I heard! I heard!
Doing my best to get into a healthier me.

Focusing on a mind + soul better me, obviously. 😉

I hadn’t journaled for a loooong time. This morning I couldn’t even find my notebook and when I finally found it, I was shocked to see the last date was almost 15 days ago! Since doing the Artist’s Way, the morning pages had become a daily routine and now this dear daily “me” time was gone.

It always surprises me by how I am usually the one that most need the printables I create! 😀

I want to be productive, prolific, so taking care of myself is priority!

I am off to do just that sweets.

Hope you do the same. ♥



Health Tracker — 13 Comments

  1. I was on the brink last week right before we left on a FAMILY FALL BREAK trip. It’s a miracle I didn’t crash and ruin it for everyone. Bad stuff.

    • aaawww Kimmie, I can totally imagine that. When we neglect ourselves, our loved and close ones are the first ones to take it unfortunately. So glad it was all good for you and nothing got ruined. 🙂 Definitely those “almost crash” situations helps us be more alert and proactive to not let it slide to that point again. 😉

  2. This is beautiful…and just what I needed. I, too, have been feeling overwhelmed and out-of-balance recently. I’m printing these out right away — it’s more than an organized way to make sure all parts are being honored — it’s also visually appealling. I love the colors!

  3. Thank you Raine! This is perfect for keeping me on track with my new healthy lifestyle. It is such a struggle to record what I eat and make sure I get what I need. This is a beautiful way to do that. Your pages make me so happy 🙂

  4. I just went through that. Hugs! I had migraines all weekend and finally realized where was me. I found her again on Monday with perfect time to use the health tracker today.
    My body+soul thanks you!

  5. Hi Raine!

    I am an subscriber of your newsletter for ALMOST a year now, and now I finally have taken the time to read your blogs with more attention to it.. Well, I must say, I TOTALLY love it! The topics you discuss very much speak to me. I have already printed three of your very helpful, to me anyway, freebies! Love it, thank you so much! Also, I watched a little of your Vimeo video about your bloggers course, and I love the vibrant and bubbly person you are, just like in your newsletters!

    Thank you very much 🙂
    With Love,
    Rebecca from the Netherlands.

    • Yay Rebecca! Thank you so much for such a nice comment. Always LOVE to know peeps identify with my journey. :)))

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