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Hello puddin’!

I have NEWS for ya today. News you will LOVE! 😀

Ready for it?

**Drum roll**

2015 LimeTreeFruits Planner is COMING on September 16th!

and FREEEEE! 😀


LimeTreeFruits Planners 2015 /


Exciting or what? 😀

Pencil that in your calendar, get your stickers, whole punch out, and fire up your printer!

If you are on the list there is no need to do anything else. You sit pretty over there and I will send it over to you from here. Straight into your inbox. 😉

If you hadn’t signed up yet to get your free planner as soon as it is available, click riiiiiight here to do so {or the pic above will get you there too!}



Now, my planner big announcement was the main purpose of today’s post but before I let you go I have just one more thing to share.

This has been a veeeerrrrry interesting week to say the least.

Ya see, big life-changes are coming up for me {such a wild ride this year is turning out to be!} and I have been meaning to reach out – to reach out for help.

I have been ‘meaning’ to do it but not really.

Ya know… all the uncomfortableness that comes with that – being vulnerable, feeling exposed, inadequate, etc. – were stopping me.

Asking for help is HARD!

So this week I finally decided to take a deep breath and just go for it!

And look at that! {slap in the forehead} I actually got “Yes, of course!” responses floating around me right away and in the easiest way possible. Just like that.

I reached out for help and help was given.

As that seems to be the ongoing theme of the week, TWO friends of mine were tiptoeing into that same vulnerable territory as well. Both of them allowed their fears to be seen, summoned their most sparkly courage, stood still and reached out for help.

And *I* could give help this time. Yesssss!
Being on the helping-hand end is just as thrilling as being in the receiving end and I was filled with gratitude to be able to help. I felt energized and at peace at the same time.

And then, as those things usually go, I opened my instagram and this pops up first thing on my feed:

Gabby Bernstein
Oh! I couldn’t have said it any better. Exactly how I felt – supported because I was able to support.

Such a powerful thing to allow help to come through. It always goes both ways. Everybody benefits from it.

Now tell me sweets, who can you ask for that mutual cycle of support today?
Have you been putting off reaching out for help out of fear of the discomfort?

I’d say go for it now! And watch the miracles unfold. ♥

Many grateful smooches,




pssst – Don’t forget to get into the list now so Sept.16th comes around your free planner will be sitting pretty in your inbox. 😉



FREE PLANNER + Asking for help — 12 Comments

  1. Helping people is indeed a great thing. There is a ton of ways to help those who you care about. Listen to them in need, hold out your hand to help, even physical help is good. Such a pity people often refuse for their own good.
    I am often opened for my friends to get help. They know they can always drop me a call or a message and I’ll be right there. I wouldn’t say all my friends will do the same for me, but there ARE such people and I’m grateful I have them around.
    Those who say friendship isn’t about giving and taking are not right, I think. It’s exactly about this. Giving love, taking love. As you say, it’s mutual.

    I’ll quote one phrase from my favourite PC game called MYST: “Nature encourages mutual dependence”.

    • YES! Helping others is always a no-brainer. We love it and feel great about it. The other way around – asking for help – is the toughy one. 😉

  2. Thanks for the planner, it’s pretty !
    To Help others is my everyday job in fact. So I’ve my account of satisfaction with the results I can see.

  3. Asking for help is a wonderful element to add to your life. The answers that come are often astounding and you get all sorts of answers you might not have thought of.Big time saver. I sure did not always ask, but I do now. I’m a personal development coach, and asking others for help develops…ME! I’m always there to help, too. It causes a ripple effect that keeps on going. Thanks for the planner and all the best is your ventures, Raine!

    • Yes, yes, yes! THAT’s exactly it! Serendipity gets wildly unleashed when you reach out for help. It is jaw-dropping. AND we get to experience personal growth by doing so. Love this Sandy! ♥

  4. Thanks for the lovely note of encouragement. I love that you opened instagram and were greeted with that quote/image. What a small world. I went to college with Gabby. 🙂

  5. Which size A5 or A4 is closest to a page measurement of 5.5×8.5.
    I’m going to use a Day-Timer planner that I already have. I just need to dust it off

    • Hey there Mariann, you can use A4/letter and print as “booklet format” which will give you 5.5×8.5 or cut “regular” paper size in half and use A5 printable.

  6. Hello,
    I am new to your site and just love everything, especially the simple weekly planning pages. I only see them under the “free” 2015 calendar, however I can’t find it. Maybe, because it’s expired? I would really like to have these planning pages, do you sell them separately?

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